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This here is Iceberg, he was the third G.I. Joe Arctic trooper.  Snow Job came first in 1983 and he was followed by Frostbite in 1985.  Iceberg came out in 1986 and they were all joined by Blizzard in 1988.  I’m not sure why, but I ended up owning every single one of the arctic troopers.  Even on the Cobra side of things I ended up with Snow Serpent and Ice-Viper.  I’m not sure if maybe my brother Doug just didn’t like snow themed characters or maybe it just worked out that way by chance.  It’s not like I particularly  had a thing for snow characters myself, as most of out battles took place in neutral climates and Joes in snow suits look a little silly lugging skis around in the jungle.  While I made not have necessarily been drawn to arctic figures it just so happens that I really liked all of them.  Snow Job  is a classic and was the first Joe to come with skis, Frostbite came with the wicked cool Snow Cat vehicle,  Ice-Viper came with the even cooler Cobra Wolf vehicle, Snow Seprent looked awesome and was loaded with cool accessories, and Blizzard had a funky removable helmet and a sled.  If you were a snow trooper it was pretty much a guarantee that you would be loaded up with cool stuff from snow shoes to ski poles.  And yet when Iceberg came out all he came with was a big white rifle, thats it.  The arctic themed Stalker figure that came out in ’89 came with a frig’n kayak.  I’m not sure why Hasbro felt that Iceberg was the only guy that didn’t need survival gear in the arctic but in a way that makes him seem that much tougher.Joe-Iceberg animated

Though he may not have had the cool accessories of other snow Joes he had them beat in another department, color ( this isn’t a race thing, let me finish).  Almost every other snow themed Joe had a stark white uniform.  Sure there was some black and brown on their boots and belts but mostly it was solid white.  Iceberg’s uniform is the best looking of the bunch.  It’s got tons of detail from the grenades, to the pouches and zippers, to the goggles and the holstered gun.  He’s got blues, greens and reds in there and yet he still manages to look arctic ready.  He’s also the first snow Joe to not sport a beard so that makes him stand out from the others.  I think he may have been a little over shadowed in 1986 by now fan favorite characters like Lifeline, Mainframe, Beach Head, Wet Suit and Low Light which is a shame because this mold really shines and stands the test of time.Joe-Iceberg v1 MOC


When a second version of Iceberg was released in 1993 he finally got his due in the accessory department.  He came with multiple guns and knives and a snowboard.  Unfortunately I had stopped collecting Joes by then so never got that figure.  I think my little brother Brian may have owned it or maybe it was his friend Thomas but I definitely remember seeing that figure around the house at some point.  Iceberg was released again in 1997 but since then nothing.  He was completely over looked during the new sculpt period from 2002-2006 which seems a crime because Frostbite was released 8 times during that period.  Frostbite stole all of the arctic themed glory during the new sculpt years as Snow Job and Blizzard were overlooked as well.




In the modern era (2007-present) Snow Job is the only arctic themed Joe to get revisited.  I do have a Frostbite as well but it doesn’t look any thing like the original.  I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a new version of Blizzard but there is light at the end of the tunnel for ol’ Iceberg.  The G.I. Joe collectors club has announced that the free figure that they will be custom making and distributing to anyone who signs up for a club membership this year will be none other than Iceberg.  Their 2012 offering, Footloose, was pretty awesome so I’m hopeful that we’ll get a decent version of Mr. Clifton Nash (a.k.a. Iceberg) in 2013.  The Club has big shoes to fill though as this 1986 version remains a stellar G.I. Joe figure.  8 out of 10.

Joe-Iceberg artJoe-Iceberg v1 face



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  1. tough guy

  2. As a huge GI Joe fan, with a blog about it myself, I really like what you are doing here. I liked that you mixed in the package art and the art from the cartoon.

  3. Iceberg was always one of my favourites. I liked the simplicity – one big gun – nothing gets lost off him and he was easier to handle due to less removable parts (that could get lost). Any Iceberg V1 I’ve ever seen is usually in great condition because of this – especially his thumbs. I liked the similarity of his hat and goggles and outfit to Frostbite, he made a great passenger to go with the brilliant SNOWCAT V1 – my all time favourite Joe / A.F. vehicle.

  4. Opps, I hadn’t read right to the end of that post…Hmm, hopefully the figure will be a cool retread of the classic V1 version…sadly, I won’t be able to buy it… 😦

    • bummer dude. But yeah I expect it will be based on his classic appearance. I imagine pics should be revealed sometime soon. The club just announced their 2013 convention set. Sounds pretty sick. I’m gonna have to start saving my pennies.

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