frog fullNATURE!!!

I’m a big time animal lover, always have been.   One of my most abundant toy collections when I was young was a plastic grocery bag that was overflowing with small plastic animals.  You know the kind that you can buy at dollar stores and maybe grocery stores back in the day.  For a mere dollar or two you usually get a dozen lions and zebras, a tree and and a couple of pieces of fence.  The fact that these toys are still so cheap today makes me wonder just how cheap they were back in the early 80s when my parents were buying them for me all the time.  They must’ve only been a quarter or something back then.  Most of the included animals were either african safari type or farm animals so I had a nice blend of pigs and horses along with rhinos and giraffes.  I loved those cheap little things and played with them all the time.frog back

However when I (allegedly)  grew out of my toys the bag of animals was one of the first things to go.  In part because they were so cheap and small and how could they really hope to compete with G.I. Joes and Transformers.  Those plastic animals are one of the very few toys in my life that I don’t necessarily regret getting rid of.  Sure I loved them but it’s very unlikely that they ever would have been displayed again and if I ever get the urge to replace them, most are readily available at the buck-or-two down the street.  I didn’t part with my animal figurines completely though.  I had a few odd pieces that were larger and more detailed than your standard dollar store grab bag animal.  You may recall sometime ago that I reviewed a plastic Grizzly that I got at a gift shop from the Zoo.Frog real

Well this figure here is another souvenir that I’ve held onto all these years.  I’m not certain whether he came from a zoo or perhaps a museum gift shop but I do recall getting him at some such place, picking him out of a bin of various creepy crawlers.  This figure is actually about the same size as those dollar store animals were but considering how small these frogs are in real life the scale of this toy compared to those cheap lions is much more true to life.  In fact I’d bet that this is pretty accurate to the real thing size wise.  The detail on this thing is amazing, my crappy photos don’t actually do it justice.  When sitting on my desk it could easily be mistaken for the real thing.  The paint is extremely vibrant and it has a nice shimmery coating that reflects light just as a real frog would.frog real front

The figure is a representation of a strawberry poison dart frog which is one of the most poisonous frogs out there.  They secrete poison through their skin as their only means of defense against predators.   They live in trees in Central America.  I googled some picture of these guys so that I could find these real-life pics and it’s hard to tell the difference between the real ones and this toy, the likeness is that good.  I recommend you google poison dart frog yourself as they come in a wide variety of colors and are truly beautiful creatures.  I guess that ‘s why I was never able to part with this little guy.  6 out of 10.Frog side


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