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I received this figure in the mail a little while ago and planned to promptly review it but while I was taking comparison pictures alongside an old Battle Beast figure I decided to just review the old Battle Beast instead.  I felt that perhaps the blog had become a little heavy with Beast Saga reviews and I thought a nice vintage Battle Beast review was in order.  but in my review of Sailon/Battle Rhinoceros I promised that the Saga Rhino review wouldn’t be far behind so here it is. BS-Rhino back


I’m not sure what wave of figures the Rhino belongs in, 2? 3?  Does it matter?  My first Beast Saga shipment was comprised of 12 new characters plus a couple clear variants of those figures which brought my haul up to 14.  My next shipment was only 5 figures and since then the figures have been trickling out 2 at a time.  I’m a little relieved that the release schedule has slowed as when I initially saw how many Beast Saga figures were slated to hit in the span of just a few months I was worried these little guys would put a serious hurting on my wallet.  Two a month I can handle. BS-Rhino compare2


The Beast Saga Rhino was not one of the ones I was really excited about getting.  Rhinos are one of my favorite types of animals but I just loved the original Battle Beast Rhino, Rocky, so much that there was no way this figure could live up to the high standard set by him.  And as expected this figure is not as cool as Rocky Rhino.  Rocky just screamed “leader” to me when I first got him.  There’s just something about his sculpting that conveys wisdom, confidence and strength.  When it comes to this figure all I see is the strength, wisdom..not so much.  This guy looks like a bruiser to me and I would never consider him for the spot of leader of my Beast Saga army.  He is more comparable to the second Rhinoceros figure released in the vintage line, Sailon.  Their color schemes are closer and they just seem like they’d make good soldiers, nothing more. BS-Rhino side

So that is how I envision Saga Rhino in my Beast Saga universe, a front line soldier.  I imagine maybe he was a boxer in his civilian life before the war started up again.  He’s not dumb  but he’s not smart either.  He’s not related to the Battle Beast rhino brothers but he was inspired by them to put down his boxing gloves and pick up a sword in defense of Rhinopolis.BS-Rhino card

The toy has everything you’ve come to expect in a Beast Saga figure.  He’s got 4 points of articulation: His arms and his legs.  The leg articulation is pretty useless considering how small they are so basically it’s just the arms that are articulated, just like their vintage counterparts.  I wish Takara had at least added turning heads to these figures.  For accessories the figure came with a sword, a shield, a playing card and 2 dice. BS-Rhino face

Where these figures really have a chance to shine and differentiate themselves is in the sculpting and this guy has some great sculpted details.  His armor is some of the coolest I’ve seen.  It’s so big and bulky and loaded with rivets so that this guy looks like a walking tank.  I wish the elephant looked this good but I think this guy owns that ol’ wave 1 pachyderm.  His feet are huge which I like as it provides him with a nice solid base.  The shoulder pads are oversized and look totally badass.  The blue looks good against the gray skin creating a visually pleasing figure.  Whether it was intentional or not I appreciate the color palette homage to Sailon.  This guy’s head is pretty cool except I’m not sure why it seems to go back so far.  It’s like his whole neck is out and it makes him appear kind of hunchbacked.  With a head shaped like this my swivelling head idea would not work so well.  I like the additional horn added to his head armor giving him three horns to impale bad guys with when he charges into enemy lines.  I’m not sure why they opted to paint his front horn such a contrasting color but it’s not so bad.  A pretty cool figure.  7 out of 10.BS-Rhino compare front1


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  1. Looking closely at the bigger horn, there are rivet marks and seams. Which means they painted his front horn such a contrasting color because…

    It’s armored.

    It’s clad in metal.

    That is badass as hell — and also makes sense. If you’re an animal with a natural weapon, you would armor it to keep it useful and usable against metal armor and weapons.

    Well played, Takara.

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