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I know I told you the other day that I was going to stop writing toy reviews at work, and I intend to, but with the holidays approaching the office has gotten more lax in general and I can’t help myself.  I have 3 days to get 5 reviews done in order to reach my goal of 365 reviews in 365 days.  If I’ve got down time at work I don’t want to spend it standing around the water cooler chit chatting about the holidays, I want to spend it at my desk tearing through these last few reviews I need done.  So today I will be reviewing one of my desk toys.  My work desk tends to be where lots of my odds and ends end up.  I could never bring a G.I. Joe in here for example because they’re needed at home in my G.I. Joe display.  So my work desk is kind of like the island of misfit toys where my Obama doll, Reel Steel figures, and various Pop! Figurines gather. Pop-Monkey carded

I have previously reviewed my Flash Pop! Figurine.  I’m sure you must’ve seen these things around by now.  You can buy them everywhere and they cover every property out there from Star Wars to The Muppets to the Sex Pistols.  I’ve been tempted to pick up a few of the oddities but have for the most part resisted.  My Pop! Collection to date consists of Justice League members: Batman, Flash and Green Arrow and then this one other guy, a Winged Monkey.Pop-Monkey side

I actually bought this guy around this time last year.  It was the last week of work, possibly the last day of work before Christmas break.  Nobody was really doing any work;  everyone was just wandering around the office chatting and snacking.  I had only been up in my current work section for a couple of weeks at that point and many of my co-workers hadn’t seen my cubicle yet.  But on this very casual day I had lots of visitors.  Everyone  commented on my toys and posters and how cute it all was.  Most people in the office already think I’m younger than I am because of my baby face and this didn’t help matters.  As a side note we had our Christmas team lunch the other day and the team voted on going to a fancy buffet at a nearby hotel.  I voted against this of course because I’m a very finicky eater with the palette of an 8 year old.  Since I lost the vote I had to make special arrangements to order from the hotel’s room service menu.  So while the other 30 people on my team were chowing down on salads and dressings and brisket I was munching away on a grilled cheese sandwich thus cementing my reputation as some sort of man-child.Pop-Monkey back

Anyway, so it was this time last year when one of my co-workers visited my cubicle for the first time and she could not believe that I had a Barack Obama doll.  She loved it.  It is an impressive figure so understandably so.  She told me that her husband would love to have something like that and wanted to know where I got it.  I informed her that I got it at a nearby comic shop, Strange Adventures, and that they had them on sale right now.  After attempting to provide her with directions for a few minutes I just told her I’d sneak away and grab it for her.  I remember it was super wet, rainy and gross out that day and the steep climb to Strange Adventures was extra slushy.  When I arrived at Strange I snagged an Obama for my co-worker but felt that I should treat myself to something after the grueling trek.  There was nothing that I was particularly after at the time so I opted for an oddity and this guy fit the bill.  Who wouldn’t want a winged monkey? Pop-Monkey movie

So  this monkey has graced my desk ever since.  I like the fact that he’s actually slightly smaller than my super hero Pop! figures, it makes him even cuter.  It’s been a while since I watched the Wizard of Oz but these guys were always my favorite part.  The ones in the movie were actually pretty ugly and scary but not this guy.  There’s no mangy fur and no  weird red smile.  Instead there’s just a pair of adorable inquisitive eyes and a stylish faux-hawk.  The mix of baby blue and soft gray work well together and the red on his hat and jacket add just the right amount of flare to brighten him up.  His feet are cute, his tail is cute, his wings are cute, his outfit is cute.  I have a few cute things on my desk but this guy takes the cake.  He and Obama make a good team.  5 out of 10.Pop-Monkey with Obama


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  1. The Monkey is going to be one of my next pickups soon. I’ve been picking up some POP! figures in the last couple of weeks. I got a Count Chocula, Sheldon Cooper in Hawkman shirt, Walking Dead Bicycle Girl and a Hulk to go with my Flash and Wonder Woman. I’m getting hooked on the damn things. LOL I see an Etrigan The Demon Blammoid in the groupd photo. Want collect those as well. My collecting is taking a turn to the cute side for some reason. On another side note. I would have gone for the grill cheese sandwich as well.

    • Yeah i saw the pictures you recently posted on facebook of your Pop! figures. shaping up to be a nice collection though I did spend more time looking at the Star Wars bootlegs. I have 5 Blammoids. They’re pretty cute but I never would’ve shelled out $10 a piece for them. i picked them up during Strange Adventures’ 90% off sale. I appreciate you backing me up on the grilled cheese.

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