SPIKOR (Classics)


I’ve got another MOTU Classics review for you today and this time around it’s Spikor.  Spikor is another one of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors.  Though he is not as well known as Warriors like Mer-Man, Beast-Man and Trap-Jaw he is still very cool.  The reason for Spikor’s lack of popularity and recognition is because the original toy was released in 1985 as the Masters line was winding down.  He had very few appearances in the cartoon and when he did show up he didn’t really do anything memorable.  He was portrayed as just another bumbling idiot fouling up Skeletor’s grand schemes.  Henchmen get absolutely no respect in cartoons; surely there must be some sort of application process.  Are we to believe that the group of buffoons assembled by Skeletor was the best he could do when putting together his team of Evil Warriors?  Most of them didn’t seem overly evil and they certainly weren’t warriors.  I realize it was a children’s cartoon show but would it have killed the writers to make these guys seem at least a little bit threatening?MOTU-Spikor animated2

I never owned Spikor as a kid and since he was hardly in the show I don’t have any nostalgic ties to the character.  I do remember when the toy came out in ’85 though and I thought he was pretty cool looking.  He probably would’ve been the next MOTU figure on my want list back then.MOTU-Spikor vintage

When He-Man and the Master’s of the Universe was revived in 2002 Spikor was completely omitted.  He never appeared in any of the 3 seasons of the show and he never had a toy made.  I bet a modern interpretation by the Four Horsemen design team would’ve been pretty awesome and I’m sure we would have eventually seen it had the show not been cancelled so abruptly.  I didn’t lament the absence of Spikor too much at the time because I was more bummed about not getting a new Mantenna figure.MOTU-Spikor card back

This figure was released on MattyCollector.com on July 15 as part of the Classics line.  I was pretty excited when the figure came about as it was my first chance to own a Spikor.  When he arrived in the mail I was not disappointed; this is a great action figure.  The bio on the back of the package fleshed out his back story of being a Blacksmith who lived in the mountains.  Once discovered by Skeletor, Spikor became the weapon designer of Skeletor’s forces.  This figure itself is very reminiscent to the vintage one, more so than many of the other Classics figures.  This may be because the character had never been redesigned in 2002 like most of the other characters so the designers didn’t have any of those more modern elements to draw from.  Their only inspiration for the design of this toy would have been the 1985 figure.  I love how closely they’ve been able to replicate the original look into the modern body style of the Classics figures.MOTU-Spikor face

First I gotta talk about his face; it’s awesome.  This guy looks scary and cranky.  With the snaggled teeth, the flared nostrils, the big yellow eyes and of course the spikes, this guy just looks nasty.  The spikes continue onto his bulky chest and they provide so much texture to this figure that it really stands out in a crowd.  I love the big thick studded dog collar he has around his neck.  Those studs continue down the middle of his back and chest which adds some color and breaks up the spiky design in a good way.  His legs and waist are pretty standard, we’ve sen these pieces used multiple times before.  His arms are neat because he has studded bracelets which match his dog collar and really help to bring the design together.  For his left hand he comes with multiple display options.  You can give him a purple hand (which is how he appeared in the cartoon) or you can give him a silver pitchfork hand, either extended or retracted.  The inclusion of the long and short forks can be used to replicate the extending fork arm feature of the vintage figure.  Spikor also came with a spiked club (overkill? maybe) to hold in his right hand.  Lastly I want to comment on the colors.  The dark and light purples look awesome and tie him together with other member of the Evil Warriors like Evil-Lyn , Scareglow, Panthor and their leader Skeletor.  This character is weird and wonderful in all the right ways.  Another home run from Mattel.  9 out of 10.MOTU-Spikor back


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