I still have a bunch of cool new figures that I got for Christmas that I could review right now but I can tackle one of those tomorrow.  Tonight I just wanted to throw a quick review up to get the ball rolling in 2013.  When it comes to my new figures I gotta spend a bunch of time taking and cropping new pictures and I just don’t have time for that right now.  So instead I went to the  stockpile of toy photos that I have sitting on my hard drive just waiting to be reviewed; and I decided on Warduke.DD-Warduke animated







I only had one Dungeons & Dragons figure growing up and that a knight named Deeth who I reviewed a while back.  I knew next to nothing about the figure because I was never into D & D.  I watched the cartoon on saturday mornings but the action figure line wasn’t based on the cartoon.  I never knew my knight figure’s name until I went about researching it for my review.  As it turned out I didn’t even know the sex of my knight as I learned after nearly 30 years that he was actually a she.  I’m fine with her being a girl but I wish I knew that years ago.  Finding out a male figure that I played with for so many years was really a woman figure made me feel like one of those poor sap’s who get “surprised” on Jerry Springer.  No matter what Deeth has under his/her chain-mail  I always really liked my androgynous knight figure.  I’m not sure why Doug and I never acquired any more of these figures growing up.  The fantasy theme was similar to that of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe which we collected and the figures were comparable in size to G.I. Joes and Star Wars figures.  As it turned out though Doug and I grew up only ever owning one D & D figure each.DD-Warduke face

Well a few months ago I finally acquired my second Dungeons & Dragons figure from friend of the site, Glenn.  It was at the same toy trade night hosted by Giant Robot Comics where I acquired my Dr. Fate  figure.  Glen had a variety of odds and ends with him and he was selling them at reasonable prices so I stocked up on a few randoms which is fun to do from time to time.  I had no idea who this figure was at the time but I knew he was from the same D & D line as Deeth.  I looked him up when I got home and discovered that he is known as Warduke.  Warduke is a pretty tough sounding name and I found some images of the character on line which made him look pretty badass but unfortunately this toy does not convey said badassyness.  It looks about as bad ass as I would expect an 80s action figure to look but that does not make it acceptable.DD-Warduke back

This guy just looks pervy to me.  The bare chest I can deal with but it’s that one bare leg with the really high cut shorts that makes me wonder what this guy’s deal is.  He kind of reminds me of Lord Humongous from the Road Warrior who was similarly dressed as an S&M reject while still trying to be a badass.  Warduke looks like he’d be right at home in a dungeon but not of the dragon variety.Lord humungous

For what its worth though, this figure is kinda cool.  The helmet is pretty rad and I like the glowing red eyes look.  His blue textured armor looks really cool too; if only it covered his whole body.  There are plenty of neat little details in the sculpt from the pouch on his belt to the spikes on his boots to his qnarly demonic belt buckle.  He’s got a little knob on his back which activates his arm swinging action similar to Deeth.  Only I don’t have the shield or sword that Warduke would have originally came with so he has nothing to swing.  If you still have them laying around Glenn let me know.

5 out of 10.DD-Warduke painting


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  1. I think I have a shield for Warduke, i’ll keep it aside for you. I collect this line and have a few more doubles.

  2. People get Warduke’s gear wrong, including the cartoon makers. He’s a lefty. The sword goes the left hand, the arm has mail because it needs to be protected, while the right arm doesn’t need mail because it holds the shield. The right hand is rotated inward, so the shield covers the front of the character better.

    I was big fan of Warduke in the 80’s. He was like the badass my Darth Vader figure should’ve been. Yeah, his design is a bit silly…like where’s his face?

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