If you’ve read any of my previous MOTU Classics reviews than you know that I love the line.   Other than a few loose joints and wonky articulation the line is damn near perfect.  The toys are durable, they’re the perfect size to play with or to display, the characters are diverse, the likenesses are great and there’s a ton of them to collect.  I pity all the kids out there who don’t know that this amazing toy line exists.  As the line has matured Mattel has branched out from simply adding more standard action figures to the line.  They’ve added creatures, beasts, giants, vehicles and soon even a castle to expand the universe.  Every time they try something new it impresses me and makes the line that much better.MOTU-Granamyr toon



Well their latest offering is truly impressive.  This bad boy showed up in the mail today.  Allow me to introduce you to GRANAMYR, the largest action figure in my collection.  This guy is 23 inches tall.  That makes him taller than Galactus and Unicron and those guys eat planets.  This thing is gigantic, you should’ve seen the size of the box he came in.  The figure was packaged disassembled and had to be built up by me once I opened him up otherwise the box would’ve been much bigger.  I had to add the legs, tail, chest, arms, wings, and then the head to complete the figure.  It only took about a minute to do and he snaps together nice and firm.  His joints are tight which allows for him to hold a number of poses.  The figure is so top heavy though that he can’t be posed standing upright without support.  I will probably display him in the crouched position with his knees up as he sits nice and solid like that. MOTU-Granamyr head

The sculpting on this guy is phenomenal.  Every inch of his skin is detailed with scales and cracked skin.  His hands have so many line details that I could give him a palm reading.  I love the pointed devil-like tip at the end of his tail.  Granamyr shares a number of details with Drageo-Man who was released in 2012.  I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be related in some way but it wouldn’t surprise me.  Both are red dragon men with yellow eyes and leathery wings.  In fact I’m pretty sure the wings used here are the same ones that were used on Drageo-Man.  It makes for a rather comical appearance as I find it unlikely these little wings could ever lift this behemoth off the ground.  When I first saw pictures of this figure online I thought I would probably pass on it because of it’s comical nature.  Granamyr apparently appeared in several episodes of the 80s MOTU cartoon and though he looks familiar to me I’d be lying if I said I remembered him from those episodes.  As such I have no real nostalgic connection to the character either.  So not being familiar with him, and with the images I saw online striking me as rather silly looking, he came across like a gag character.  I imagined him to be a bit of a doofus.  Then again most of the villains in the old series were portrayed as bumbling fools so i’d say it was a fair assumption.MOTU-Granamyr and castle


As the figure’s December 15th release date loomed closer I decided to read up on the character to aid me in making my final decision whether to purchase him or not.  These figures sell out quickly on release day and quickly jump up in price on the secondary market so if I was to get him it was best that I buy him from Mattel directly on the day of release.  There’s nothing worse than passing on a figure then reading an amazing review about it after the fact only to realize that its no longer available.  So through the magic of the internet I discovered that Granamyr wasn’t a bumbling doofus at all, but rather a wise and merciful ancient dragon.  His back story intrigued me enough to give the toy a second look.  Early online reviews convinced me to shell out the $80 needed to purchase this big fella and I’m glad I did.  This figure stands out as a true conversation piece in my room filled with hundreds of toys.MOTU-Granamyr face


As impressive as the massive body sculpt is I think the head is the crown jewel.  It has so much detail and personality: the jagged exposed teeth, the furrowed brow, the loose skin under the chin, it’s excellent.  The eyes are surrounded by a ton of wrinkles which really sell the age and wisdom of this character.  The purple helmet is a nice finishing touch and it compliments the purple paint on his belly.  His red body has the perfect amount of highlights to make this thing look believable.  The Four Horsemen have killed it again.  Bravo.  10 out of 10.

MOTU-Granamyr backMOTU-Granamyr and me

Just look at the size of this thing when compared to other action figure lines.  The Beast Saga, G.I. Joe and Ninja Turtle are completely dwarfed by it.  The Mer-Man heralds from the same toy line so you can see how large the character is supposed to be by comparison.  Even my 12″ Joker and the King of Monsters don’t come close to matching this figure in size.  Godzilla can practically walk between his legs.MOTU-Granamyr compare


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  1. is that darklon?

  2. The best Dragon action figure/collectable/toy, well unless Bridge Direct’s Hobbit line can get a Smaug out the gate this year or next.

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