As you may be aware it was my birthday last Thursday.  Vanessa came through in true stellar girlfriend fashion by getting me a ton of cool stuff including the recently reviewed Annihilator figure.  We celebrated my birthday quietly with a dinner out and then a night in together.  It was very nice.  However I’m the type who likes to milk his birthday for all that it’s worth.  I’m not fishing for presents or anything I just like having an excuse to party with my friends and what better excuse is there than my creation.  Part 3 of my birthday will be transpiring this coming Sunday.  That celebration will be with family only.  You see my brother Doug’s birthday is on February first so my family tends to do a dinner get together somewhere in between out two actual birthdays.  Part 2 of my birthday went down this past Saturday.  We reserved the lower floor of a sweet local bar called Maxwell’s Plum.  It’s actually in the same building as my comic store, Strange Adventures.  On a sad side note the building is set to be demolished and so both business will have to move in the near future.TMNT-Metalhead head2

Anyhoo, the party on Saturday was a great success with a number of  friends showing up to have a drink or two with me.  All I wanted was to enjoy their company but a few of my closest friends bought me some gifts.  Miguel got me the Jurassic Park blu-ray trilogy along with a $30 gift card to Strange Adventures and a cheese slice (don’t ask).  My buddy Andrew bought me a really nifty action figure customizing set (stay tuned for a home made action figure review) and he bought me this guy: Metalhead.TMNT-Metal head back

The first Metalhead toy was released back in 1989 during the first generation of TMNT mania.  I was already  11 when that figure came out and I was already losing interest in the line.  Doug and I had the entire first wave of figures but only 1 or 2 beyond that.  My little brother Brian began collecting turtle toys after we lost interest but even he never had Metalhead.  I remember thinking the vintage toy was pretty cool at the time, just not cool enough for me to buy for myself.TMNT-Metalhead vintage

The ninja turtles have died off in popularity and been revived a couple of times since then and I never paid much attention to them.  I liked the classic look of the 80s cartoon/Archie comics and didn’t care for the constant re-imaginings.  I’m not sure what it was about the 2012 designs that spoke to me but as soon as I saw the turtles most recent make over I loved it.  I think the turtles look better now than they ever have before.   I’ve tried watching the new cartoon but can’t get into it but that won’t stop me from buying some of the toys.  I bought up all 4 turtles from the first wave but passed on Shredder, April, Krang and the others.  For whatever reason none of the other character’s new looks appealed to me; only that of the turtles like Leonardo and MichelangeloTMNT-Metalhead pose

I really didn’t plan on buying to many more figures from this new series, perhaps only favorites from my youth like Be-Bop, Mondo Gecko and Baxter Stockman.  Metalhead was not on my radar at all.  He never even occurred to me as a character I would want in this new style.  However, like the 4 turtles, as soon as I saw pictures of the new Metalhead online I absolutely loved it.

I think this design is light years better than the ’89 original.  This toy looks totally badass.  His articulation is pretty limited which is disappointing but you can still get him into some dynamic poses.  The missile launching hand gimmick does little for me but the figure doesn’t look bad when the missile is loaded into his arm.  The manhole cover as a shell is awesome and I like his kneepads which kinda resemble the Punisher’s skull logo for some reason.  If this is a sign of things to come I fear I may be spending more dough on this line than I had originally planned. 9 out of 10. Thanks Andy.TMNT-Metalhead attack


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