BS-Killer whale sideBEAST SAGA

Today I have for you another figure to review from the 6 figure Beast Saga DX Starter Set.   The set contained 2 figures from each of the 3 Beast Saga armies, land, sea and air.  The last BS figure I reviewed was the whale from the set and today I’m going to review his aquatic companion, Saga KIller.  Normally I name these characters by sticking the word “Saga” in front of whatever species they happen to be.  I began to write Saga Killer Whale in the title of this post but stopped after I typed Saga Killer.  I think I’m going to leave his name just like that.  It’s less cumbersome and sounds pretty badass.  It immediately infuses him with some extra personality he wouldn’t have had if I had named him Saga Killer Whale.  I’ve also seen him named Olrich on other sites but as of yet I’m still not sure the names floating around on the internet are official.BS-Killer whale carded

The two whales were the figures I was most looking forward to getting out of this set.  The other four (a wolf, an owl, a parrot, and a panther) are all creatures that were released in the original Battle Beasts line.  I hope we get new versions of all of the previously released Battle Beast figures but there’s something exciting about getting brand new beasts that have never been released in this style before.  I think that’s one of the reasons that Saga Finch was an early favorite of mine; he was something new.

BS-Killer whale fullSaga Whale delivered the goods.  I think he was the best figure in the DX Starter Set.  Saga Killer unfortunately  does not live up to my high expectations.  He’s by no means bad but he could have been better.  Saga Whale had some really cool nautical themed armor, with boat turbines, surf boards and a whale tail worked into the design.  Saga Killer’s armor is pretty dull by comparison.  There’s really nothing special to point out about his torso and shoulder armor.  Though he too has an armored blow hole on his head which is kind of funny.  The lower half of his suit is odd in that it isn’t armor at all.  Instead he seems to be sporting a kind of seaweed loin cloth which might work for Mer-Man but kind of misses the mark here.  His whole get up is solid blue save for two orange stripes on the shoulders which rescue the armor from being completely dull to look at.BS-Killer whale back

The best and worst thing about the figure is it’s head.  The sculpt is simple and smooth and doesn’t require a whole lot of detail to look good.  The fin on the head is a good height and a good shape.  I really like the sculpted detail in his face, the eyes especially.  The issue is with the paint.  The head is sculpted in black plastic and the large signature “eye patches” are painted white, just as you’d expect.  I just wish the painters hadn’t stopped there.  I think the eyes could use a dab of color though after looking at pictures of real killer whales I can let that slide as their eyes do tend to blend into their skin.  But why oh why did they not paint the teeth?  Saga KIller has a partially open mouth full of jet black teeth and it looks stupid.  A teeny little streak of white paint across his mouth would have done so much to enhance this figure.  If they had planned on being cheap with the paint they should have sculpted his mouth closed, problem solved.

BS-killer whale realAs far as accessories go Saga Killer comes with a game card, a couple of launching dice and a sword and shield.    The shield is kind of weird looking but the sword looks pretty deadly.  So while this figure isn’t a perfect ten I still find myself really liking it.  He also gets some bonus points for being the first killer whale in the series. 7 out of 10.


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