When my first batch of Beast Saga figures from Big Bad Toy Store arrived in the mail back in September it was pretty exciting.  It was a brand new toy line modelled after one of my favorite 80s properties; Battle Beasts.  That first wave consisted of 12 unique figures plus I had ordered 2 of the blind boxed figures bringing my total haul for the day to 14 figures.  That’s a pretty great way to start any new collection.  Ever since then the figures have been trickling out with a few new figures being released each month.  Big Bad has been shipping them out to me 2 and 3 at a time.  It’s always exciting to get new ones but the excitement of a couple figures does not match the thrill of that first big haul.  Well Big Bad Toy Store has begun offering a new service called “Pile of Loot” where basically they hold all of my toys until I tell them to ship them.   The way it’s worked up until now is I would pre-order a bunch of toys and Big Bad would ship them to me as they got them in stock.BS-Tiger card

Now you might wonder what the benefit of having them hold figures is and I’ll tell you, shipping costs.  I’m paying 8 bucks a pop for these little guys before shipping.  The price to ship a single one of these figures costs nearly as much as the initial purchase price.  So as they’ve been trickling to my mailbox I’ve been paying through the nose on shipping.  By activating the Pile of Loot function on my Big Bad account, pre-orders pile up until I give the guys the okay to send them.  Combined shipping = Instant Savings.  This means that sometimes I’m waiting a couple extra weeks for toys which sucks but with the amount I spend on toys and comics every month I need to cut corners somewhere.BS-Tiger side

So for about a month I let my loot pile up and the end result is that last week I got another sizable batch of Beast Saga figures at a much more acceptable cost per unit.  My recent haul contained 9 figures, 7 new ones and then a couple more blind boxed clear variants.  There was no one figure in this batch that I was particularly excited about receiving but once I got them all opened up I was quickly won over by a few of them.  The house cat and the puma are a little bland, and my blind boxed figures weren’t the ones I was hoping for, but there were gems to be found in the Walrus, Hare, Panda, Bull and this guy here whom I’ve dubbed Saga Tiger.BS-Tiger full2

The tiger was the one that impressed me the most initially.  He’s got this big gnarly shield  on his side which instantly makes him stand out.  The closest thing I’ve seen to this design so far would be the surf board armor seen on Saga Whale.  However the whale’s surfboards look like they could’ve been cracked in half with a well-placed whack from any of the other beasts blunt objects.  When it comes to Tiger’s side shield I don’t think any of the beasts blades or even their lasers would have any effect on it.  This is a thick piece of gear that I imagine would be hell to have to lug around on the battlefield.   For that reason I imagine this guy to be hella tough.   It’s got claws on the bottom so it can be used offensively, a spike on the shoulder which could also be used as a weapon, and a cool tiger face design sculpted into it.  Very nice.

Even though my Battle Beast Tiger (this guy’s heir) was a good guy I think I will designate Saga Tiger a bad guy.  But he won’t be a bad-bad guy.  He’ll be one of those honorable bad guys who respects his opponents.  I think I will make him Saga Shark’s general, the one who leads the other more ruthless baddies into battle and keeps them in line.  Why does such an honorable tiger fight for the evil city of Rammstein?  I dunno, let’s say he owes a debt to someone over there and he’s the type who honors his debts.  That works.BS-Tiger back

This guy has a few similarities in appearance to Saga Lion such as the roaring mouth and armor design.  I actually thought at first that they had the exact same legs but upon closer inspection they’re not quite the same.  I really like the paint job on this guy.  The yellow isn’t the most obvious choice for a tiger but the Battle Beast Tiger was yellow as well so I appreciate the nod to the old figure.  The stripes are painted which is a vast improvement over the original.  As for accessories, Tiger comes with a dinky little shield the same as everyone else though it feels extra redundant in his case.  He also has a curved Arabian Knights like scimitar sword, a couple of dice and a trading card.  A pretty cool addition to my growing Beast Saga collection.  8 out of 10.BS-Tiger compare


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