Joe-Snow Job v3 fullG.I. JOE

It’s snowing here in Halifax and has been for a while.  Apparently it’s snowing pretty bad everywhere courtesy of a blizzard named Nemo.  I thought they only named hurricanes but I guess that’s not the case.  I was supposed to go to a hockey game with my brother Doug and my dad tonight but it’s been cancelled due to Nemo and Vanessa is currently in Toronto to see a Lady Gaga concert (which luckily wasn’t cancelled).  This means I’m snowed in, home alone.  I’ve spent the weekend bumming around and watching movies for the most part.  I was planning on blogging about some random figure later on tonight as per usual, same ol’ same ol’,  but then I became inspired.   My good pal Sean, known in some circles as The Word Burglar, posted a picture of 3 of his arctic themed Joes trudging around on his snow covered deck.  He had vintage versions of Snow Job, Stalker, and Blizzard out on patrol.  I immediately thought, “I must do this”.Joe-Snow Job v3-animated

So this afternoon after watching “Lars and the Real Girl” which I quite liked I began to prep for my photo shoot.  I debated on hauling out my vintage Snow Cat, Wolf, and Snow Mobile but decided against it.  My vintage Joe figures and vehicles are a bit of a pain in the ass to drag out.  So I decided to stick with strictly modern figures as I have them on display in my man-cave and they’re easily accessible.  I grabbed a handful of Snow Serpents, some Ice-Vipers, and my Arctic HISS tank and set up the small squad of Cobra’s on my snow covered deck.  For Joes I grabbed Arctic Snake Eyes, Frostbite, and Snow Job.  I do have more arctic themed Joes and Cobras than this but I decided not to get to crazy as I realized it was likely cold outside and that I would probably lose interest in this endeavor quickly.Joe-Snow battle3

While it was indeed cold and my photo shoot brief, it was fun to actually set up some toys in the snow like I would’ve done as a kid. At this point in the day I’ve lost too much light to continue but if my deck has a fresh layer of snow when I get up tomorrow I think I may have to set up a little Hoth scenario.Joe-Snow Job v3 ski

So this version of Snow Job was released in 2008 as part of the 25th anniversary line.  The character was originally released in 1983.  A repaint of the original version was released in 1997 but then there was nothing for 11 years until the release of this figure.  It seems to me that poor Snow Job has gotten the shaft.  He was the Joe teams original Arctic trooper.  He was featured prominently in the cartoons and in the comics and he’s a favorite among fans.  As the Joe line continued through the 80s more and more arctic troopers found their way onto the team and Snow Job got less and less time in the spotlight.

Joe-Snow Job v3 cardedWhen G.I. Joe was revived in 2002 the team’s go-to Arctic Trooper was clearly Frostbite who was released 8 times between 2002 and 2006.  Snow Job didn’t receive a single figure during the new sculpt era.  Luckily that wrong has been righted and Snow Job has had 3 versions released in the modern era, this one being the first, while Frostbite has only had one and it wasn’t even a faithful representation of any previous incarnations of the character.

I think that this is a great update to the original “Snow Joe”.  All of the signature elements of the original figure are here and nicely upgraded.  The solid white uniform is intact and it still has the touches of color on the belt, holsters, and shoulders.  He’s still got his puffy hood, his large goggles, and his burly red beard.  And perhaps coolest of all, he still has his skis and ski poles and a backpack that holds them all.  It’s hard to beat skis when it comes to cool, functional accessories.  I always loved the ’83 version’s skis and poles but they didn’t see a whole lot of action.  Most of my childhood battles took place in my bedroom.  Snow Job made it out into the snow on a few occasions but with snow comes cold and these little guys weren’t easy to handle in mittens.Joe-Snow Job v3 close up

The thing I like best about this update is that fact that his hood and goggles are removable.   Now when Snow Job is sitting around Joe headquarters he may still be wearing a snow suit but at least he doesn’t look like a total freak.  The goggles are see through as well which is nice.  I think that this is a great update to a great character.  8 out of 10Joe-Snow Job v3 action


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