No, Greedo hasn’t traded in his blaster for a jazz flute(though knowing how things turned out for him maybe he should have).  This is another Rodian entirely, this is Doda Bodonawieedo and he plays a mean slitherhorn.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog a few times before my favorite characters from the Star Wars universe have always been the aliens and monsters.  Nothing against farm boys and princesses but when it comes to Star Wars action figures I’ll usually buy some weird looking green skinned background character over the star of the film.  Mind you, if I was being shipped off to a desert island and I was only allowed to take 1 Star Wars figure with me and my options were Luke Skywalker or Doda Bodonawieedo I think Luke might win that battle.  As far as green skinned background characters go Doda Bodonawieedo is pretty weak, and I’m not just saying that because he’s a musician.   Max Rebo or even Sy Snootles would beat Luke in that same island contest.  I think Doda is weak largely because I have no childhood attachment to this character.  I owned action figures of obscure aliens like Ponda Baba and Ree-Yees when I was a kid and my imagination was still firing on all cylinders.  So even though those characters may not have done much on screen they were fleshed out in my mind and went on a number of intergalactic adventures in my bedroom.   I never had a figure of Doda when I was a kid so we shared no such adventures.SW-Doda movie

It actually would have been impossible for me to own a Doda figure when I was a kid,  none existed.  Not only did the toy not exist but neither did the character.  When Return of the Jedi first came out in 1983 Jabba’s house band consisted of Max on keyboards, Sy on vocals and Droopy McCool on flute.  That was it.  It wasn’t until Lucas started getting carried away adding new footage to his original trilogy in the late 90s that the 3 piece evolved into a group with more members than the Wu-Tang clan.  Uber-obnoxious front man Jow Yowza was added, along with a row of female back-up vocalists, and Droopy was given competing horn-men in Barquin D’an and Doda Bodonawieedo.

While this line-up change was a little upsetting, as I quite enjoyed the band’s original roster, it wasn’t all bad.  Greedo was one of my favorite aliens from the original trilogy.  And unlike many other cool looking aliens from the series Greedo actually got a dialogue scene (with Han Solo no less).  I loved Greedo’s strange voice and the snout movement that accompanied it.  Unfortunately that scene ended with Greedo smoldering on a table.  Though Greedo is forever lost to us the extended musical number in the Return of the Jedi special edition gave us two new Rodians to love, Doda and dancing girl, Greeata Jendowanian.  While neither of them is anywhere near as cool as Greedo it’s still cool to be able to add a couple more green snouted reptile people to my figure collection.SW-Doda group

One of the things I enjoyed most about the prequels were the senate scenes that gave us a look at new characters of the same species of well established characters.  Seeing  Aqualish senators from Ponda Baba’s home planet of Ando and Gran senators from Ree-Yees’s home planet of Kinyen was pretty neat.  And from clips I’ve seen of the Clone Wars cartoon they now have Jedi Knight versions of aliens like Muftak and Momaw Nadon.

So while it may be common now to see multiple characters from a particular alien species it was pretty uncommon back in the day.  It once seemed that every character on screen heralded from a different planet.  I’m not sure if the people at Lucas film have just run out of ideas but I like the fact that we’re seeing multiple characters born of those now famous Star Wars alien species.  I find it makes that galaxy far, far away feel a little more believable.  So often in science fiction entire races and populations are “bad”.  As a kid, seeing Walrus Man and Greedo behave like bad guys left me with the impression that all of their species would act in the same way.  But seeing their kind as senators as musicians makes the characters feel more like individuals.SW-Doda side

Doda Bodonawieedo was one of the first instances that I can recall of an established alien species being revisited in a new character so in a way I guess you could say that he taught me that a species should not be judged based on the actions of an individual.  That’s a pretty profound thing to learn from an action figure.

SW-Doda faceSpeaking of the action figure let’s get on with the review.  It kinda sucks.  No matter how many life lessons this thing teaches me it’s not gonna prevent it from sucking.  It’s a Greedo wanna-be in an orange smock who plays the clarinet.  Other than his resemblance to the beloved bounty hunter with the worst aim in the galaxy this guy has nothing going for him.  He’s stiff and is no fun to play with.  There’s no way I can imagine any kid developing a fondness for this background character like I did for Ree Yees back in the day.  His articulation is even worse than most other stiff Star Wars figures because his skirt hinders all of his leg movement.  And even if you take away his horn his hands are stuck in horn playing position thanks to no elbow articulation.SW-Doda carded

On the bright side it’s a pretty good representation of how the character looked on screen and the sculptors managed to get a fair amount of detail into the skin.  He really does look rough and scaly.   If this guy had been single carded back in the late 90s I would’ve bought him up simply because I was buying anything and everything Star Wars.  I got much pickier about which Star Wars figures I was buying after the first prequel came out.  If he had been released then I would’ve passed.  Doda was never released alone though. He was packaged with the previously reviewed Max Rebo in a 2-pack making this a “must buy”.  Sometimes you’ve gotta take the bad with the good.  3 out of 10.


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  1. It’s interesting that you wonder if Lucas and associates have run out of ideas by reusing all the old aliens in the prequels. That’s something I’d doubt, as Lucas added enough original material (dubious quality notwithstanding) to counter the charge. I’ve just figured these recycled aliens are more of a nod to the old fans. The kids in the audience can marvel over battle droids and [insert new alien name here; I only saw Episode I once], while their parents sit back and wonder if their old remembered, classic movie was this bad to their parents.

    Max Rebo still looks cool though.

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