About a week ago I reviewed the MOTU Classics figure of Castle Grayskull Man.  In that review I ranted a little bit about the price of shipping on my most recent order from Mattycollector.  That most recent order, placed on February 15, consisted of Jitsu and Ram Man.  The 2 figures cost me $60.  The shipping cost me $30 and I was not happy about it, mainly because my shipping costs are usually half that.  Well a few days later I got my answer as to why it cost so much, they sent them to me express.  So instead of having to wait a month + for my figures, this shipment arrived in 6 days.  So while that was kind of a nice change it definitely wasn’t worth doubling the cost of my shipping, not to mention the $20  that the courier wanted at the time of delivery for customs charges or something.  So these two He-Man figures ended up costing me $110.  They had better be f**king amazing toys.MOTU-Ram man face

I’ll cover it more thoroughly later but I can tell you that Jitsu did not pull his weight.  It’s a decent figure but in no way is it worth the $55 I essentially paid for it.  Ram Man on the other hand is pretty damn awesome and much more worthy of such a hefty price tag.  Both of these figures have been highly anticipated by fans.  They were the two most glaring holes in the Classics Collection.  With the release of Jitsu and Ram Man this month Mattel has now released updated versions of the first 3 years of the vintage line.  While Ram Man has never bee a favorite character of mine he does feel like an essential part of any MOTU collection.MOTU-Ram-man animated


I’ve mentioned many times that the great thing about the vintage line was the wide range of characters and play features.  Ram Man was one of the earliest figures to adopt a play feature  beyond the spinning waist of most of the original line up.   Ram Man’s legs could be pushed up into his torso compacting him into a powder keg of ramming power.  A little button would launch Ram Man’s head forward enabling him to bust down Castle Grayskull’s jaw bridge or any other obstacles that might be in his way.  Like Meckaneck’s extending neck this was a simple but effective feature that accurately highlighted the characters unique attributes.   The problem with the feature was that the figure suffered for it.  In order to have the legs fit up inside of it the torso of the original figure had to be a big hollowed out shell.  This meant no neck or wait articulation.  The legs were sculpted as a single piece so that they could be shoved up inside.  This made for a very stiff figure with far less articulation than the standard figures in the line.  The character in the vintage cartoon was portrayed as a dim-witted dwarf whose ramming was accompanied by a cheesy “boing” sound effect.

1983 and 2002 versions

1983 and 2002 versions

In the 2002 relaunch of the series Ram Man was still kind of an idiot but he was much more of a threat to Skeletor and his Evil Warriors.  The 2002 Ram Man was actually taller than all of the other Masters, even He-Man.  The 2002 figure wasn’t really any taller than the other figures in the line but he was much thicker, really showcasing the characters girth. Ram Man is one of the few 2000 era figures that I was never able to find at retail.  I always figured I would eventually get one on ebay but since he isn’t a personal favorite I never put much effort into the hunt.  The figure had the same feature as the original, a hollowed out body so that his uni-leg could be compressed inside to create a ram effect.MOTU-Ram man compare

MOTU-Ramman animated 2002When mattycollector announced the release of a Classics Ram Man in 2013 I was pretty stoked.  Despite not being a favorite I really wanted one especially because I never got around to buying the 2002 figure released a decade earlier.  The production pictures looked promising and I was eager to add this figure to my collection.  Well now that he’s here I can tell you that I like him even more than I expected to.  If Ram Man had looked more like this back in 1983 maybe he would rank up there with my favorite Masters, Stratos and Buzz-Off.   This figure is a good solid hunk of plastic, no longer just a hollow shell posing as one.  But I was surprised by how short the figure is as the pictures made him look like he was going to be massive.  The site charged “beast” price for Ram Man so I expected a figure about the same size as other beasts like Gygor (a yellow gorilla who I really must get around to reviewing soon).  Not that Ram Man is short, he’s the same size as all of the figures, I just expected him to be taller.  I’m actually quite happy that he’s this size and it’s a good middle ground for the people who might’ve wanted a vintage dwarf sized Ram Man and those who wanted a 2000 era giant Ram Man.MOTU-Ram man back

So what makes this figure so great?  First off the head is amazing.  That scrunched up face has a ton of personality.  An alternate head was included that shows Ram Man without his helmet.  Apparently he’s blonde under there and has a metal plate covering the top of his head which helps to explain his special ability.  Ram Man appeared unmasked like this in the 2002 animated series when he wasn’t in battle.  The shoulder armor is big and bulky yet is made of soft rubber and doesn’t hinder his movement.  There’s a slot on the back that can hold his ax when he’s not using it.  The torso is nicely articulated with an excellently hidden seam.  The arms are huge with sculpted veiny details.  he’s got a skirt also made out of soft rubber which is flexible enough to allow for leg movement.  That right, Ram Man can move his legs for the first time ever.  His legs are not sculpted as a single piece like with his last 2 incarnations.  This Ram Man has two posable legs and like the torso the knee joints are hidden remarkably.  Lastly he’s got some big ol’ boots which I love.  The horsemen went above and beyond here and even sculpted skulls into his boot treads to match his belt buckle.  This figure is awesome.  It’s too bad they weren’t able to work his ramming feature into this new figure somehow but I don’t really miss it to much.  9 out of 10.MOTU-Ram man alt headMOTU-Ram man boots


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  1. WOW!! That is a sweet looking figure. Ram Man was always one of my favorites back in the day for some weird reason. I wish i still had my original one. But alas I stupidly sold off a bunch of my childhood MOTU a few years ago. Now i may have to hunt down replacements. Along with a few of these newer figures you keep showing off here. Castle Grayskull Man?? How did I miss that review?? Gotta go see.

  2. Hey Mike good to see a new review up. um just wondering is the offer to review a figure in a joint review like in the she ra blog still open (if there was an offer) thnx

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