My latest package from BigBadToyStore arrived last week and it was a big one.  Not only did it contain new third party versions of Transformer Jump-Starters, Top Spin and Twin Twist but it also contained this guy, Omega Supreme.  As soon as I saw this figure go up for pre-order at BigBad I knew I had to have him despite the hefty price tag.  This Transformer cost me $100, plus shipping, which to some may seem like a lot of cash to drop on a toy, but I think this figure is worth the price.  First off, he’s big; about 14 inches tall.  He’s only a little bit smaller than the largest Transformer in my collection, Unicron.   Secondly he’s very detailed, well made and is a pretty sweet looking version of the character.  TF-Omega comic retro

The first Omega Supreme was released in 1985.  He transformed into a rocket base, rocket and tank.   The rocket base mostly consisted of a circular track for the tank to drive laps on.  He towered over other Transformer toys of the time and he was the piece that every kid wanted in their collection.  My brother Doug acquired his Omega Supreme in a rather odd way.  There was this kid named Dougie Dodman who was in my brothers 5th grade class.  Dougie was notorious for making ridiculous trades.  I may be exaggerating slightly but I’m pretty sure this kid would have traded a Castle Grayskull for a fruit roll-up without a second thought.  Doug came home with new toys acquired from Dougie on a few occasions but the Omega Supreme was the most memorable.  We had these monkey bars on the playground that kids would hang from, with their feet dangling above the ground, and then they’d swing towards each other, attempted to wrap their legs around their opponent and pull them to the ground.  These were called monkey fights.  I have no idea if this is common practice or just something weird that we invented in Sackville, Nova Scotia.  The way I remember it is Doug and I were heading home after school and Dougie challenged Doug to a monkey fight.  Doug declined but Dougie wanted to monkey fight so badly that he told Doug that he could have his Omega Supreme figure, win or lose, so long as he accepted the challenge.  Of course my brother accepted.  I don’t recall who won but the whole process only took about a minute and Doug got the most expensive Transformer released to date out of the skirmish. TF-Omega compare

Omega appeared a few times in the 80s comics and cartoons but he was always a bot of few words.  He was a member of the Guardians, an ancient team of robotic peacekeepers that watched over Cybertron before the great war.  After the war Omega Supreme aligned himself with the heroic Autobots.  Anytime the Guardian Robots have been shown in the comics or cartoons they appear to be mindless drones with little to no personality and they all share a unified color scheme.  Omega is the only Guardian with a varied color scheme and with a personality, even if it is a dry one.  I don’t know if the reason for this has ever been addressed.   Omega’s origin varies in the old Marvel comics.  In the comics he was built on Earth by fellow Autobot, Grapple, but that’s just dumb.TF-Omega face

I always thought Omega Supreme was the coolest of the big Transformers.  I preferred him to larger Transformers that were released soon afterwards that upstaged Omega by transforming into full cities.  The Decepticons had Tripticon and the Autobots had Metroplex and Fortress Maximus.   But because of Omega’s lack of personality he was never a favorite character of mine and I never figured I’d own an action figure of him.  But I never expected Hasbro to wow me with a figure like this.TF-Omega game



When the video game “War for Cybertron” came out I rushed out and got it.  Not because I love video games but because I love Transformers.  I figured that love would be enough for me to get my money’s worth, it wasn’t.  I really liked the look of the game and loved watching the animation that opened up the game but I just couldn’t get into it.  I’ve tried to revisit it a couple of times but have yet to make it past the first level.  The thing that appealed to me most about the game when I first saw the adds was that the game designers had modeled it after the “war within” story line established by now defunct comic publisher Dreamwave.  TF-Omega comics

I loved what Dreamwave did with the Transformers license for those few years that they held the publishing rights.  The coolest thing they did were the “war within” stories that told tales of the great war before the Transformers ever travelled to Earth.  This meant that the robots alt modes all had to redesigned into Cybertronian modes because it wouldn’t make sense for them to be cars and planes.  I have multiple figures now based off of the  Cybertronian modes established in the video game which were inspired by the comic series, including the Combaticons that I reviewed a little while ago.  In the opening animation of the game there’s an amazing scene with Omega Supreme which really ignited by desire for an action figure of the character.TF-Omega grab

And here he is, looking pretty darn close to how he appeared in the game.  This figure was previously released in 2004 under the Transformers: Energon banner. Though other than having the name,  the 2004 version bared little resemblance to the vintage 1985 Omega Supreme.  The Energon version had a different style of head and face, had a totally different blue and yellow color scheme and transformed into a train and aircraft carrier instead of a rocket and tank.  I actually had no idea that toy even came out as I had zero interest in the new world of Transformers: Energon.TF-Omega alt mode

It’s amazing the difference that a few cosmetic changes can make.  This new version of Omega Supreme was released exclusively through BigBadToyStore and is known as the “Year of the Snake” version.  They’ve taken the ’04 toy, painted it in vintage colors, given him a new head that looks just like the head from the video game and have given him the classic claw hand which the Energon version lacked.  Those few changes have turned the mediocre 2004 toy into a must have figure for classic Transformer fans.TF-Omega box

The first thing that struck me about this toy when I opened up the package, was the amazing box he comes in.  It feature some great artwork, has a velcro sealed front flap so you can view the sealed figure, has a handle for easy transport, and has some really nice looking chrome effects.  This was one fancy looking box.  Once I had gotten all the twist ties undone and finally got him out of the box I continued to be impressed.   I was worried that this figure might be unstable because he splits into two separate pieces to transform into his alt modes but this guy is very solid.  He’s big, heavy and sturdy.  I love the design of this figure.  The non-symmetrical design make him much more interesting to look out than your average Transformer toy.   The head is a too small, especially when compared to the giant noggin of the original figure, but not ridiculously so.   I think the tiny head actually helps to accentuate how big the rest of him is, plus it’s fairly accurate to the video game appearance.  I also really like how this head has a face beneath the orange shield.  Omega was always shown this way in the comics and cartoon but the vintage figure lacked any sort of face.

I think this is a stellar figure and he’ll look great displayed next to my Unicron.  9 out of 10.TF-Omega backTF-Omega claw




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  1. groovy

  2. did you pick up the foc third party one?

  3. WOW!!!!!! Dats a big freaking ass figure. It makes the vintage Omega look regular size. I never had the vintage Omega when I was a kid. He was one of those figures I always looked at the box in the toy aisle at Zellers or Kmart or Woolco, but never got. He was like the USS Flagg from GI Joe. always wanted him but never got it.

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