Rocky Pop boxedFUNKO POP!

It’s Wednesday so that means during my lunch break today I hiked up the hill to Strange Adventures to grab my weekly comic book haul.  I know I’ve complained about the hill before so I guess I should fill you in on some big news I got recently.  Strange Adventures is moving to a new location in May.  It will now be just a  few doors down from the office building where I work.  No more hills for me Whoo Hoo!!  Of course the downside of this is that I’ll probably put on 20 pounds.

Rocky POPSo my haul this week consisted of Superior Spider-Man issue 5 (which I’m enjoying.  Anybody who jumped ship after Amazing 700 really should give this a try), Red Lanterns volume 2 trade paperback, and the hardcover of Danger Girl/G.I. JOE.  I normally don’t buy hardcovers.  I prefer to wait for the softcovers to come out but I’ve just been too excited to read this to have to wait any longer.  Passing up the single issues each month was tough enough, but to skip the hardcover collected edition to wait for a softcover that may never come was something I could not do.   It could end up being a massive let down but I imagine these two properties working together like peanut butter and chocolate.  I can’t wait to read it.


But this isn’t a comic blog, this is a toy blog.  I didn’t anticipate getting any new toys today but I was tempted by a few of the new 6″ Marvel Legends figures.  A Red She-Hulk and a Protector would be kind of cool to own but I’m sure they’ll make their way into the 3 ¾” Marvel Universe line that I collect eventually. Rocky and Drago POP

The toys that wooed me today were more of those annoyingly adorable POP! figurines.   The comic shop had a whole bunch of new ones in today from a variety of properties.  I already have plenty of cute super heroes on my desk so I was able to resist Deadpool and Dr. Doom.  I could not, however, resist these lovable versions of Sly and Dolph.

A full assortment of Rocky POP! figures was available including Mr. T as Clubber Lang and Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed.  I was tempted to buy them all.  Money’s a little tighter this week than usual though so I decided to just grab my favorite character, Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago.  Dolph milked another $20 out of me just a few months ago when I bought his more traditional action figure.  That figure now stands on my miscellaneous shelf, an oddity amongst the likes of Voltron and Homer Simpson.  As I stood at the counter waiting to pay for my comics with Drago in hand I impulsively decided that I didn’t want to subject this cute lil’ Lundgren to the same lonely fate as his predecessor and so I grabbed Rocky as well.  The two of them have been welcomed into the fold of my work desk companions.  Now I can relive Rocky IV at work whenever I want to.   Or better yet, Rocky and Drago can team up to take on the Justice League.Rocky and Drago side POP!

My initial thought when I looked at this figure was how amazing it was that they were able to convincingly make this simply figure look like Sylvester Stallone using such simple shapes and designs.  The hair, they eyebrows, and especially the lips, sold me on this little figure being Rocky.  My female co-workers failed to see the resemblance however, so maybe I’m crazy.  But it’s probably more likely that they’ve never even seen a Rocky movie and don’t know what they’re talking about so who cares what they think.

Both of these figures are pretty awesome and I’m sure they will become conversation pieces amongst the men of my office for years to come.  The more I look at them the more convinced I’m becoming that I at least need to add Mr. T to the mix.  Stay tuned.  7 out of 10.Rocky and League POP


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  1. Those damn POP! figures will eat your soul if you let them. I’m doing well not to go out and buy every damn one I like, because theres a poop load I want. And the four Rocky characters are on my list of wants. You know you want T and Apollo. And the other thing I took away from your post today? SIX INCH LEGENDS RED SHE-HULK!!!!!!!! Now I have to go to my nearest internet provider of little plastic people and make an order. Thanks you’re pal.

  2. Go rocky

  3. Ha, Batman, Green Arrow, and Flash all look seriously spooked in that picture!

  4. wha? Funko didn’t put Tommy Gunn or Mason ‘the Line’ Dixon into the lineup!? travesty!

    seriously I want these. drat.

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