This here is Eager Beaver or as I called him growing up, Battle Beaver.  Eager was part of the second series of Battle Beasts released around 1988.  I liked the second wave of figures a lot but they weren’t as impressive as the initial wave.  Most of the obvious animals that you’d expect to find in a battle themed anthropomorphic toy line were covered in wave one.   That first wave included a lion, a tiger, a bear (oh my), a gorilla, a shark, a snake, etc.  It’s not that there weren’t any oddities in wave one (crab) but wave two had a lot more of the less obvious beasts for battling; such as a seahorse, a duck and this guy, a beaver. BB-Beaver real

Not to say those are wimpy animals, Battle Beaver actually looks like a formidable opponent.  The way these figures were designed, there’s no accounting for scale so a beaver is as big as a buffalo.  It was necessary to design them this way because it would be near impossible to have a spider and a rhinoceros in the same toy line otherwise.  Some suspension of disbelief is obviously required but it would have been nice to see scale taken into account a little bit, like at least making the giraffe taller than the other figures.BB-Beaver back

Nothing about Battle Beaver screams “bad guy!” to me but that’s the team I designated him to.  The first two waves of Battle Beasts figures were released in two-packs and in order to keep my teams balanced I designated one figure from every pack a good guy and the other a bad guy.  Beaver came packaged with a flying squirrel.  The two shared some characteristics such as the color of their fur and their buck teeth.  It would have made sense to pair them up and make them best friends or something but my rules wouldn’t allow it.  One of them had to be bad and I think at the time my good guys needed an aerial combatant more than my bad guys did and so Battle Squirrel joined the side of the righteous and beaver got stuck being an evil henchman.BB-Beaver card

The beaver is sporting some brown armor which is a nice change from the usual bright reds and blues.  His body is sculpted in a light yellow which looks alright but not all that realistic.  I’m a Canadian, after all, and beavers are our national animal.  I’ve seen a few of them in my time and I’ve never come across a yellow one.  The overall sculpt is decent but not overly exciting.  His key feature, his tail, is present but not as prominently featured as it should have been, and textured funny.  I ‘d like to see what a Beast Saga beaver figure might look like.  They tend to be a little cheekier with their designs.  I can imagine him in a Mountie hat with log themed armor. BB-Beaver full

This figure has one of the cooler looking bladed weapons of the series.  It’s a jagged saw type of weapon which I assume he uses to chop down trees on his days off.  The main reason I chose to review Battle Beaver today is because I recently learned that artificial raspberry flavoring comes from a gland in the beaver’s taint.  (Seriously, google Castoreum).  I thought that was both disturbing and interesting news and so I used this post as a way to share it with you.  Now you know.

Eager Beaver:  6 out of 10.  “natural” Raspberry flavoring:  0 out of 10.BB-Beaver pair


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  1. Awesome! This post brings me right back to my childhood. I can’t tell you how many countless hours my brother and I spent setting up our Battle Beasts in our bedroom as kids…preparing for battle. Haha This is great.

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