AGENT MOUSE v.1 (2013)

Joe-Mouse v1 fullG.I. JOE : RETALIATION

The whole point of me doing a G.I. Joe : Retaliation themed week here at Mike’s Collection was to get you excited about the upcoming movie and the movie-based toys.  Therefore I probably shouldn’t have started off the week with the crappy figures.  I was actually all set to review another crappy figure for you today when I realized how negative the last couple of reviews were.  So I decided to juggle things around and review a Retaliation figure that I’m quite happy with.  In my last post I told you about the two latest 3-packs I scored at Toys R Us.  There was a Cobra themed pack and a Joe themed pack, inappropriately called the “G.I. Joe Tactical Ninja Team”.  The Joe pack included yet another Snake Eyes (the set’s only ninja), a franken-joed new version of Airborne, and this Joe newcomer, Agent Mouse.

The Snake-Eyes is pretty cool but nothing new, and the Airborne is alright but too far removed from the Airborne I know and love.  The star of the set is Mouse and no one is more surprised by that than me. Joe-Mouse v1 head

Agent Mouse is a brand new character being introduced in Retaliation.  He has no basis in either the cartoons or the comics and there has never been a Mouse figure released prior to this.  Months ago, when news of actor Joseph Mazzello being cast as “Mouse” in the upcoming Joe sequel hit the internet, Joe fans began to freak out.  Who the hell is Mouse?  Rumors immediately started circulating that the studio forced director John Chu to include some young heart throb in the movie to woo young ladies into the theaters.  With a roster of hundreds of Joes to choose from why create some new character, with a stupid code name no less, to fill one of the coveted movie slots?  Fans were angry.  NERD RAGE!

Fortunately that subsided quickly.  Seeing as Mouse doesn’t appear in the movie trailers (other than for a split second) fans now believe that it’s probably a very small role.  A role that probably ends in death during the opening scenes of the movie, as the trailer shows the Joe team being decimated early on by a strike ordered by President Zartan.  So if that is the case then I appreciate that the filmmakers created a new “named” Joe to spew a couple of lines before getting wasted.  If they named him Mainframe or Airtight I’d be much sadder to see him go.  And so Agent Mouse, I welcome you to the G.I. Joe team. R.I.P. Joe-Mouse v1 movie still

If this Mazzello kid looks kind of familiar to you but you can’t place him it’s because he’s grown up since the last time you saw him.  Joseph played Tim Murphy in Jurassic Park.   Apparently he’s done plenty of acting since but he was completely off of my radar until I recognized him in the Social Network a couple years ago.  His role in that flick was small but good and I think he’ll make an excellent Agent Mouse. Joe-Mouse v1 Jurassic

I know this figure doesn’t look like much but it’s my favorite from the two 3-packs, and probably my favorite out of the wave 2 single figures I’ve recently acquired as well.  There’s something to be said for being new.  I love getting new versions of old classic characters but recycling characters over and over again in new outfits gets boring.  That’s where G.I. Joe has a huge advantage over brands like Batman and Ninja Turtles.  They can keep adding new characters and it doesn’t seem forced, it’s the army.  New faces are a must and I’m always happy when I see new characters peppered into waves of familiar figures.  I try to display my Joes as such:  All the unique Joes on 1 bookshelf and all my unique Cobras on another.  When I get repeat characters I display them on my doubles shelf.  The doubles shelf is where you’ll find clumps of Cobra Commanders, Snake Eyes’, and Storm Shadows.  More and more these days I find myself cramming new purchases onto the doubles shelf.  Adding a brand new character to my teams rosters is much more satisfying.Joe-Mouse v1 group

The figure has a great sculpt with a ton of detail from straps and pouches to wrinkles in the fabric.  Most of the pieces come from the wave 1 G.I. Joe Trooper which makes since considering that’s probably all Agent Mouse is really.  The tan uniform makes for a much more believable base uniform than the black X-Men suits the Joes wore in the first movie.  However the black and blue vest that Mouse comes with is reminiscent of the padded gear from Rise of Cobra and I appreciate that link, whether it was intended or not.  The head sculpt on this figure is fantastic.  It does a great job of                                                                                                                                                            capturing the look of the actor.

Joe-Mouse v1 hang

Mouse comes with a helmet which has a futuristic vibe to it.  It sits nicely on his head.  He comes with two guns which are molded in a goldish yellow which is kind of odd but at least I can quickly pick them out of a pile of weapons.  He also comes with one of the rope sliding grapple backpack accessories which are prevalent amongst the Retaliation figures.  As I said before, it’s cool for kids but does little for me.  Into the bin it goes.  All in all it’s a nice looking, fun figure and I would recommend you pick up the 3-pack to get it.                         8 out of 10.Joe-Mouse v1 calendar


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  1. actually he was a member of sergent Savage`s screaming eagles back in the 90s

  2. Who?? MEH. Firefly please next. Thank you.

  3. I’m more intrigued by this three shelf system you have worked out. You should do a feature on that once “Retaliation” comes and goes. I’d imagine, with the number of figures you have, you’d just create and display squads; changing them out monthly or quarterly. Though having a sea of Destros would be amusing…

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