FIREFLY v.26 (2013)

Joe-Firefly v26 fullG. I. JOE : RETALIATION

In my last post I reviewed a Firefly figure from the upcoming film, G.I. Joe : Retaliation.  In this post I am going to review a Firefly figure from the upcoming film, G.I. Joe : Retaliation. No, this isn’t deja vu, this is marketing.  This is Hasbro pumping out multiple figures of the same characters, milking parents and collectors for all they’re worth.  When I was a kid it seemed crazy that I had accumulated 3 different versions of Roadblock over the first 6 years of collecting joe figures.  I thought that was overkill.  Well nowadays there are 20+ versions of Roadblock, Firefly and others to collect.  I have 3 Fireflys based on the Retaliation movie alone.  The first one sucked.  The second one was intended to represent the character as he appears in the film but until I see the film I won’t be sure how successful that was.  This third one, released in the Cobra Invasion Team 3-pack along with Tracksuit Storm Shadow and a Cobra Invasion trooper, is more of a nod to the 1984 original.  Joe-Firefly v26 torso

This is a very nice figure.  The base of the figure is simple but realistic with lots of sculpted in folds, pockets and straps.  He’s painted in the classic gray camouflage pattern that the character is known for.  He’s got the ribbed turtle neck sweater  under his jacket which in my mind is a must for any saboteur.  The head sculpt is also simple and effective with the classic ski-masked face.  He’s got great accessories: a grenade launcher, a shotgun, a pistol, a couple of knives, a backpack and some explosives.  His removable web gear fits him nicely and doesn’t get in the way of the pack.  The web gear is sculpted with grenades and pouches and even has removable explosives.  He has holsters on his legs to store a knife and pistol which is great as I love it when a figure can store most or all of his accessories. Yep, this is an excellent representation of Classic Firefly.Joe-Firefly v26 back

The problem being that we’ve had lots of great Classic Fireflys.  As cools as this figure is he doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table.  At least the Firefly in my last review, while not as good as this one, included an unmasked head and a street sled and a new paint scheme.  Even the hella crappy Firefly from wave 1 gave us a new take on the uniform with a double breasted jacket look.  If you don’t have a dozen Firefly figures than this is a wicked figure for you to pick up.  For somebody like me who does have dozens, this kind of feels like more of the same.  I’m still not sure whether this figure will dethrone the 2007 figure as my display version.  I think that if this version had a camo mask to go along with his camo body then he would win the coveted spot, but since he doesn’t he’ll be relegated to the “doubles” shelf along with the other 2 Retaliation Fireflys.  8 out of 10.

2007 version vs 2013 version

2007 version vs 2013 version


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  1. Mike, any possibility you can hook me up with this super cool new version of Firefly? Am just after this figure, not the others in the 3 pk. LMK. 🙂

  2. I like this one much more than the green one below. I’m way behind on modern Joe figures (too many toys to keep track of I do) and had never seen the 2007 version either. I want both for the shelf next to my childhood ’84 Firefly. I have to track down a gun and phone for mine. Hopefully FF has a pretty good amount of screen time in the upcoming film.

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