HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Today is Easter Sunday and I’m about to head out to my uncle’s place to watch my hordes of nephews search for Easter eggs before sitting down to a big ol’ Easter dinner.  I don’t have a whole lot of time tho throw this post together before I leave but I wanted to make sure I got something posted before the day passed me by.  I don’t know about you guys but Easter was a pretty big day for me as a kid.  After Christmas and my birthday, Easter was probably my third favorite day of the year.  And it wasn’t really about the candy (though that was nice), it was an opportunity to get more action figures.  As you may have gathered, I love action figures and have for as long as I can remember. BB-Bat card

Before I had a job and the ability to purchase my own toys I had to wait for these event days to roll around so that my collection could expand.  Not to say I didn’t get the odd toy throughout the year for doing my chores or graduating school but the toys received on Christmas, my birthday and Easter felt like a bigger deal.  I guess thats because of all the hooplah that comes with them, decorations and anticipation and parties and such.BB-Bat back

My toy haul at Easter was never a big one, usually just a single figure along with the usual candy and maybe a hockey stick or a pogo ball; something to play with outside.  My most memorable Easter would have been either the one of 1987 or 1988, I’m not entirely sure which.  I would have been 9 or 10.  I remember I had recently seen commercials for Battle Beasts on TV and I was sold.  I’ve always loved animals of all shapes and sizes and that was kind of my thing as a kid.  One of the earliest comic books that I created was called Animal Team Force which consisted of every animal I could think of wearing a red cape.  Seeing a toy line made up solely of animal warriors with little swords was like a dream come true.  They had come along too late for me to ask for any for Christmas but I let mom and dad know that I would love some for Easter.BB-Bat fightBB-Bat side









Battle Beasts came in 2-packs those first couple of years.  That year I got two 2-packs and my little brother Brian got one.  I think my parents had actually opened the packages and the figures were sitting loose in the basket atop the cadbury eggs and peeps.  I got the Rhino, the Ram, the Fox and the Bat.  Brian got the Bear and the Buffalo but I eventually convinced him to relinquish them to me as well.  I now have about 80 Battle Beasts, only recently completing my collection with the acquisition of Pugnacious Penguin, but those first 4 have remained my favorites.  I made the Rhino and Ram the leaders of my good and bad armies.  Bear and Buffalo were their generals.  Fox and bat were not highly ranked but they were skilled fighters with a deep seeded rivalry.  They were like the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow of my Battle Beast Universe.BB-Bat group

Battle Bat, as I called him before discovering his real name, was very smart, evil and conniving.  The fact that he had a hook for a hand made me think that he had been through some rough battles in the past.  His cybernetic eye enhancement led me to think that he was skilled in the fields of science and technology.  His black armor and small stature made me think he was a skilled and stealthy spy.  This teeny little figure has a ton of personality sculpted into it.  I don’t think these pictures do it justice.  I love the wings; they’re thin and rubbery allowing you to “flap” them easily.  His gold bladed weapon is one of the coolest of the whole series and though the paint apps are minimal I love the dark green used to highlight the black armor.  My only gripe would be his unpainted teeth.  Some white on his exposed fangs would have really looked nice. That aside, this is an awesome figure and one of the best Easter presents I ever received.  10 out of 10BB-Bat cardedBB-Bat basket


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  1. Most of these Battle Beast figures make me go “Meh”. But I like this one. He looks like a Borg.

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