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Hey gang, sorry the reviews have been sparse this week but I guess I was a little burnt out after my review heavy week leading up to G.I. Joe : Retaliation.  Plus there are more contest deadlines looming and I’ve been hard at work revising my screenplay.  However I do have time for a quick review today.  I did not receive any sort of official Easter basket this past weekend (I guess that comes with being a 35 year old) but Vanessa was sweet enough to get me a small stash of goodies.  I got gummies and chocolate and a couple of little toys as well.

I’ve been seeing this little blind packed Marvel figures around for quite some time now.  They’re always at the end of the action figure aisle in my local Walmarts.  They looked kind of cute but I’ve always managed to resist picking any up.  Admittedly they have become more tempting now that I’ve broken the seal on my block figure collecting with my G.I. Joe Kre-O purchases last month.  The idea of blind packed figures does not appeal to me, especially at four dollars a pop, but collectors have found a way to avoid ending up with unwanted doubles.  Usually these blind packed figures have unique codes placed discreetly on the packages allowing astute fans to pick and choose the characters they want.  I referred to an online list of said numbers to help guide me through my Transformer Kre-O purchases.  I have a list in my wallet identifying the G.I. Joe Kre-O numbers in case I ever stumble across them.  I’m not sure if these Marvel figures have similar numbers on their packaging but I imagine they do.  Knowing this I would never just randomly buy one.  If I were buying these for myself I would want to refer to a list to ensure that I got the most desired characters. Marv-Sandman lego fight

Vanessa grabbed two packages at random and gave them to me for Easter so I had no idea which characters I would find inside.  Having not referred to a list first did provide an added bit of excitement I must say.  Truthfully I would have been happy with any character, I’m a full on unapologetic Marvel Zombie but I ended up with some pretty cool figures.  The first one I opened was Sandman.  He’s not my favorite character but he’s a classic.  The second one I opened was a black suited Spider-Man which upped Sandman’s cool factor considerably.  A lone Sandman is just okay but with a Spider-Man to fight I know have a classic Marvel duel on my hands.

Marv-Sandman lego movieI was actually pretty impressed with this little Sandman once I snapped all his pieces together.  It’s a pretty good representation of Mr. Marko in his iconic yet  simple duds:  Green striped sweater, brown pants, brown shoes.  He’s also got these freaky baby blue eyes which seem to stare directly into my soul.  One of his hands is sculpted into one of his notorious sand weapons which is a  must for a sandman figure otherwise people might think that you just have a figure of some random dude on your shelf.  The figure is quite posable with ball-joints providing a much greater range of motion than that found on his block figure brethren.  That being said, I wish he looked more like his block figure brethren.  These Marvel figures are more petite and have rounded edges.  They look out of place displayed with Legos or Kre-Os.Marv-Sandman lego run


Sandman included a display base and a bag of money accessory for some added value.  These figures are neat but I doubt I’ll buy anymore of them.  However if you’re ever looking to get me a small gift for any reason these little guys are the kinds of things I love to receive in places like easter Baskets and Christmas Stockings.  Thanks Ness.  5 out of 10.


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  1. The Better Half

    You’re welcome, my love!!

    I should mention Mr. Mike gave me some gorgeous purple easter flowers and treats too 🙂

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