SW-Biker scout fullSTAR WARS

You really gotta hand it to the Lucas film guys back in the day.  They came up with a lot of pretty cool aliens to populate the Star Wars galaxy and at times they were operating on a pretty tight budget.  A variety of aliens were necessary to flesh out the universe and to give the movies that epic scope.  But when it came to the designing the look of the imperial soldiers, Lucas or McQuarrie or whoever it was, really knocked it out of the park on the Strom Troopers.  I loved those guys right from the opening scene in “Star Wars” when they blasted their way onto Leia’s ship.  With their stark white outfits and full helmets they looked rad flanking Darth Vader down the corridors.  It would’ve made sense for all Storm Troopers to wear those iconic outfits throughout the entire trilogy.  This is what Storm Troopers wear, it’s standard issue.  Who would’ve questioned it? SW-Biker scout still2

But they didn’t rest on their laurels.  When “The Empire Strikes Back” came out we were given a whole new crop of Storm Troopers to love.  My personal favorite being the Snow Trooper.  And then in “Return of the Jedi” they gave us yet another variation, the Biker Scout.  This guy was my brother Doug’s favorite and it’s easy to see why.  The Biker Scout is super cool looking.  He’s still got the stark white outfit with the full helmet only this helmet looks a little tougher and the outfit has black sleeves and pant legs to break it up a bit.  Overall I think it’s more interesting to look at then the standard Storm Trooper.  Cool gloves, cool visor, functional pouches, even cool ears which I’ve never noticed before.  And to make these guys even cooler they were given Speeder Bikes.  How cool were the speeder bikes!? SW-Biker scout still

I’m not sure how impressed a kid would be today seeing that speeder bike chase for the first time but I know it blew my mind when I was 7 years old.  They just seemed to be going so fast that it boggled my mind how the pilots were able to navigate their way through the forest at that speed.  I wonder how many Biker Scouts stationed on Endor blew themselves up each day.  I would imagine they had their fair share of casualties from just dicking around in the woods racing each other. SW-Biker scout back

This figure is part of the “Power of the Force” series released in the late 90s when the original trilogy was re-released in theatres.  Most of my Star Wars toys hail from that era.  If there’s one collection in my collection of collections that I could probably bear to thin out it would be my Star Wars collection.  I have a lot of wanky characters and the quality of the figures is pretty lame when compared to other lines like Joe.  This figure here for example has only 6 points of articulation which is almost as low as you can go: arms, legs, head, waist.  This version of the Biker Scout came packaged alone but I’m pretty sure there were versions that came with Speeder Bikes.  I may even have one but this happened to be the one I grabbed.  If I were to try and sit this guy on a speeder bike it wouldn’t look right because his knees don’t bend and there’s really no excuse for that on a modern figure.  I remember Doug’s old 80s version had to be seated with his stiff legs awkwardly  pointing forward.  Star Wars figures have gotten better over the years but I’m relieved to say that I’ve kind of lost interest and have no desire to upgrade my current stock.  Of course by the time the new films come out I might be right back on board.SW-Biker scout sit

If I were to ever part with any of my Star Wars figures I would definitely hold onto this guy.  He may be stiff but he’s still pretty cool.  7 out of 10.


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