Sometimes I‘ll  glance at a figure and think “I’ve got something to say about that toy”,  or I’ll purchase a brand new figure that I’ll want to share with you; that is how I usually select the toys that I review.  But sometimes I just come up blank and can’t decide on what I want to write about.  Today is one of those days.  I want to review something for you guys but I’m not feeling particularly excited about any one thing at the moment.  I expressed this to Vanessa and she asked if she could pick a figure and I said go for it.  To my surprise, in a room filled with hundreds of displayed action figures, she went with Sinestro.  I didn’t ask why, I just said okay and set about writing this review.  But now that I’m typing it up I find myself quite curious.  First off she didn’t even know his name, she called him that purple guy from the Green Lantern.  She’s seen the Green Lantern movie once and wasn’t overly impressed (which is good, because that movie was horrible) and she’s never read a comic book.  Sinestro isn’t exactly “cool” looking, he’s far from handsome, and nowhere near cute.  I would’ve expected Vanessa to pick my recently acquired Golden Retriever Beast Saga figure as she’s an absolute fanatic when it comes to dogs.  Or maybe a female figure like Teela or Scarlett, though she tends to get jealous when I wax poetic about the lovely plastic ladies in my collection.DC-Sinestro face

So let’s talk about Sinestro.  To be honest I don’t have a ton of history with this character.  I never once read a Green Lantern book growing up.  I knew GL from his appearances on the Super Friends and things like that but didn’t really know much about the character beyond the basic set-up: guy with a ring that can make green objects appear with the strength of will power.  For quite a while the Green Lantern I was familiar with, Hal Jordan the cocky test-pilot, was dead.  DC comics had a new kid, Kyle Rayner in the role.  I never paid much attention to it.  I wasn’t reading any DC comics during my youth, not even Batman and Superman so B-listers like some second rate Green Lantern held basically no appeal to me. DC-Sinestro old comic

But a few years back, up-and-coming writer Geoff Johns took over the writing chores of the Green Lantern book and his first order of business was reviving Hal Jordan and restoring him to greatness.  A lot of hype came with the storyline but I didn’t pay much attention.  But after months of hearing about how good the book was I decided to jump on board.  I got myself all caught up on Johns’ run and even back filled the entire series of Green Lantern Corps, the sister-book to the main title.  It’s been years now and I still collect both titles along with Red Lanterns, and Green Lanterns: New Guardians.  So basically Geoff not only restored the franchise but he brought it to whole new heights with multiple spin-off series. DC-Sinestro new comic

It was Johns who took one of the lamest looking villains I had ever seen and turned him into a wicked cool, multi-dimensional character.  I was familiar with Sinestro back in the day, at least to identify him but that’s about it.  He had pink skin, an extra tall forehead and he wore a black uni-tard with a star shaped collar.  I’m pretty sure that it had been previously established that Sinestro was once a Green Lantern, but I don’t think the story had been fleshed out in any great detail.  Johns delved into the characters history, giving him a purpose and believable motivations.  He had Sinestro forge his own ring, a yellow one, and even form his own Corps to take on the Lanterns.  Sinestro was given a new costume, basically a yellow variation of a GL uniform and as the storyline went on, his forehead even seemed to shrink.  Sinestro was now cool!  His relationship with Hal was further explored in the bad live-action movie and the excellent animated movie, First Flight. DC-Sinestro hand

More recently, after the “War of the Green Lanterns” storyline Sinestro was actually re-inducted into the GL Corps and Hal Jordan was ousted.  This storyline gave readers even more insight into what makes this character tick.  As a kid I never would have imagined that the pink skinned loser who battled the Green Lantern would one day become one of my all-time favorite comic book villains but such is the case.DC-Sinestro base

This figure is obviously based on Sinestro’s time as a Green Lantern.  When it came time to purchase a Sinestro figure I’ll admit it wasn’t easy to decide which one to get.  It was easy to pass on his old black uni-tard, but the Yellow Sinestro Corps version seemed like the obvious choice.  There are some decent figures out there of him wearing the yellow.  But of all the Sinestro figures I think that this one is the best sculpt of the bunch.  The muscles look good, the hands look good and the face is perfect.  Plus I think the character is most interesting when wearing green.  He looks pretty cool displayed next to my other Green Lantern figures.  This is a DC Direct figure so the articulation is lacking but I really don’t mind.  It’s not like it’s McFarlane-level stiff.  The lack of joints helps to give the DC Direct figures a smoother look and they stand up easier.  I love the metallic green paint used on the costume here, it looks so much better than the flat green used on some other Lantern figures.  Sinestro came with a lantern and a display base.  The base is a translucent green disc with the GL symbol on it.  Light can be reflected through it which looks kind of cool.  I think this is an excellent figure that anyone with a DC collection should track down.  Good choice Vanessa.  9 out of 10.DC-Sinestro group


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  1. Nice choice V great reviews Mike! 🙂

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