BB-Armadillo fullBATTLE BEASTS

Last week I reviewed the Beast Saga Armadillo and so I hauled out my Battle Beast armadillo to do some comparison pics.  Since he was out I figured I may as well take his solo pics as well and get a review posted.  This will likely be a short review as I already talked about this figure in that review and I really don’t have much to say in the way of armadillo small-talk to pad this review with.  Armored Armadillo, or Battle Armadillo as I called him, was released in the second series of Beasts in the late 80s.  He came packaged with Battle Iguana. BB-Armadillo face

I was always excited to get new Battle Beasts back then, and an armadillo was especially cool because they’re one of my favorite animals.  You’d think this guy would’ve had the potential to dethrone wave 1’s Battle Fox as my favorite Beast but that was not the case.  There’s nothing wrong with this figure but it lacking the “it” factor.  He’s basically the same color skin as Battle Fox though this guy has a much more textured look with a full armor plated back.  The checkerboard style skin looks great.  I don’t love the color of this guy’s metal armor though.  It’s okay but it’s a bit too flashy.  I think a darker purple would have served him better.  Battle Fox, meanwhile, had some sweet white armor which really stood out amongst the other figures who all wore blues, reds, and purples. BB-Armadillo back

The main advantage Fox had over Armadillo  was in the head sculpt.  Fox had a great face with a sly little smirk that gave him lots of personality.  Battle Armadillo doesn’t even have a mouth, and instead of soft blue eyes he’s got creepy yellow eyes.  The lack of personality in this figure’s face keeps him from being overly cool or overly cute, he’s just kind of in the middle.  But even a middle-of–the-pack Battle Beast like this  still ranks pretty highly for me in the grand scheme of things as I just really liked this toy line.  There were only a couple of Beasts that I really didn’t like, such as the Platypus, but even he isn’t so bad.  Battle Armadillo came with a pretty cool double bladed weapon which I sadly seem to have misplaced.  Truth be told I probably never had it, I’m pretty good at holding onto even the smallest of accessories and I acquired many of my Battle Beasts through trades with friends and they came weaponless. If you’ve got a friend with one of these I suggest you go make a trade for him yourself.  7 out of 10.BB-Armadillo artBB-Armadillo side


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  1. He looks very evil and badass. I like this one as well.

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