COVER GIRL v.4 (2013)


I had originally planned on reviewing a different figure today but I came home from work to find a new package from the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club waiting for me.  It was a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting my latest two subscription service figures for another week or two.  It’s a rarity when they arrive on my Canadian doorstep before some American blog has already spoiled the surprise as to who’s in the latest shipment; they tend to receive their shipments first.  So perhaps it is me doing the spoiling this time around; if so, sorry about that.  I’l keep the identity of the other figure a secret for at least a few more days but I was eager to show off my new Cover Girl figure.

I imagine that most of the people who signed up for last year’s subscription service were inclined to do so because of this figure.  I would imagine her and Big Boa were the big draws for most people.  As cool as the Nano-Bat, Dice and the others were, Cover Girl and Big Boa were two characters from the early days of Joe (the days that seemed to have bred the most die-hard fans) who had not been given their due in the modern age.  Big Boa had never been updated at all since his initial 1987 release.  However Big Boa was never featured in any cartoons or comics that I can recall and he was on the weirder side of things so he may not have been loved by all.Joe-Cover girl v4 carded

Cover Girl on the other hand was first released in 1983, at the very beginning of the toy line, as the driver of the wolverine tank.  Cover Girl made several appearances in both the comics and cartoons and I’m quite certain that every old-school Joe fan is fond of her.Joe-Cover girl v4 animated blonde

Cover Girl’s code name stems from her background as a fashion model.  Her file card states that she had grown disillusioned with the shallow world of modeling and so she joined the military to take her life in a more meaningful direction.  She’s a skilled mechanic, able to get just about any type of busted up vehicle running.  My brother Doug had the Wolverine tank when we were kids and so he owned Cover Girl.  I wasn’t too bothered by it as it was a pretty fugly figure that most certainly did not live up to its code name.  The ’83 figure had a short, mom-style hair cut and a stern look on her face.  She was probably uglier than the ’82 Scarlett figure which is saying something.  The 1983 card art depicted Cover Girl with flowing strawberry blonde hair.  When she first appeared in the cartoon she had long blonde hair, a look befitting of a former fashion model.  However her animated look was quickly adjusted in later appearances to match the short brown hair look of the figure.Joe-Cover girl v4 animatedJoe-Cover girl v1 face

We finally got an updated version of Cover Girl in 2006 during the new sculpt era.  That version was a VAST improvement over the original.  If I were to award any character a “most improved” award from their version 1 to their version 2, I would give it to Cover Girl.  The 2006 Cover Girl had all of the same uniform elements of the original, a khaki outfit with a brown bomber jacket, except it was sculpted much more femininely.  And the head sculpt was fantastic; one of the best ever, if not the best, female head sculpt on a Joe figure.  The face was pretty and the long flowing sculpted hair looked great.  The hair was an auburn brown shade, akin to the 1983 figure.Joe-Cover girl v4 art

2006 version

2006 version

The following year brought about the 25th anniversary of the Joe toy line and with it the modern era of Joe toys was ushered in.  Taller, more detailed figures, depicting fan-favorite characters in their classic outfits seemed to be exactly what fans wanted.  One by one old favorites were updated in the modern style, and yet no Cover Girl ever came.  The closest thing we got was a 2009 figure of the character as portrayed by real-life model/bad actress Karolina Kurkova in the live action Joe movie, Rise of Cobra.  In the movie Cover Girl barely said anything and mostly just stood around behind Denis Quaid until getting unceremoniously killed off by Zartan.  The movie figure sucked and was not a satisfactory modern-era Cover Girl to be displayed on my shelf.  I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that thought so you can imagine how relieved we Joe fans were when the club announced that a modern version, based on her original look, would be included in their inaugural figure subscription service.  And now I have her.Joe-Cover girl v4 face

There’s nothing mind blowing about this figure but there didn’t need to be.  It’s a hot chick in a khaki uniform with a brown bomber jacket, that’s all I wanted.  Her body is made up of parts from other modern-era female Joes.  What’s interesting is that her head and jacket have been lifted from the 2006 new sculpt figure.  It’s not often we see body parts from the vintage or new sculpt days reused in the modern era, the proportions of the figures are different so you wouldn’t expect it to work; but in this case it does.  Seeing as she’s relatively petite anyway, the 2006 head looks fine here.  The hair is strawberry blonde this time instead of brown.  The color is fine but I’m curious as to why they didn’t just go full on blonde.  The Joes could use a few blondes and they already have a signature redhead.Joe-Cover girl v4 back

I think this is a simple, but great figure.  The proportions are nice and the weapon selection, a pistol and rifle, is adequate.  This figure is a must-have for anyone wanting to compile a modern-era collection of the key Joe characters.  9 out of 10.Joe-Cover girl v4 movieJoe-Cover girl v4 compare


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  1. I’m in the minority of fans, I’ve never been a Cover Girl fan, this is one of the few FSS figs I didn’t care about.

    but I’d happily take the blonde actress from RoC for a spin

    • Maybe i was wrong about Cover Girl being a big selling point of the FSS. Movie Cover Girl didn’t do much for me but I was disappointed to see her get knifed in the back.

      • you’re not wrong. most Joe collectors are insane over getting this update. I’m just in the small minority that doesn’t care about CG.

  2. I like this figure, and I’m not a huge modern Joe fan. The hair is a big improvement over the 80s mom do.

  3. But where would be the fun in that??? And I’d have nothing to read online.

  4. awesome update

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