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Marv-Abomination MS artHey guys, it’s been a while since I posted anything and I apologize.  I’ve been meaning to write something, as I’ve still got plenty of toys to talk about, but there’s been a few factors keeping me away.  Mainly it’s because I’ve been spending my writing time on my screenplays.  You see, I dabble in writing scripts.  In fact, the whole reason I started this blog was to give me something quick and easy to write about when I was suffering from writer’s block.  Vanessa only lets me hide away in my man-cave for so many hours each day so I’ve been trying to make the most of that time by working out the kinks of a new story idea.  Secondly, it’s been really nice out the past couple of weeks.  I find it hard to write anything when the sun is shining in through my window.  I work best at night and when the sun doesn’t set until after 9pm that cuts into my creative time.  Lastly I’ve been a little bummed out about this whole blogging thing lately.  My readership has dropped and even my sponsorship with BigBadToyStore has ended due to lack of traffic. (I’ve offered to keep their banner up free of charge because it’s a great site and I have nothing else to put there at the moment).  It makes it a lot harder to force myself to write these reviews when it feels as though no one reads them anyway.  Of course I do have a few loyal readers whom I very much appreciate, one of them being Paul who posted on the “mike’s collection” facebook page yesterday, wondering where I’d disappeared to.  That boost of encouragement is what I needed to get off my ass and write a review tonight so here we go.Marv-Abomination MS head

Today I have for you an excellent, newly acquired collectable, “The Abomination” from the Marvel Select toy line.  Marvel Select makes some of the best Marvel figures on the market but they release so few of them each year.  If I’m gonna collect Marvel figures I want to build my Marvel Universe much quicker, which is why I collect the “Marvel Universe” figures which are released far more regularly.  I’ve picked up a few Select figures in the past like Black Cat and Iron Man but I acquired those before the Marvel Universe toy line began a few years back.  Since the inception of the Universe line all of my Marvel dollars go towards purchasing the latest 3 inch super heroes.  Whenever I see a wicked cool SELECT figure being released, such as their recent Venom, I convince myself that it won’t blend in with my current Marvel display and so I don’t need it.  That’s what I told myself when I first saw this Abomination toy, even though it was completely bad ass.Marv-Abomination MS movie

Some of you may know that the first Saturday in May every year is “Free Comic Book Day” across the nation.  A variety of comic publishers release special FCB issues to be given away by participating retailers to attract new readers to the medium.  I took my nephew Carter last year and he seemed to enjoy himself so I invited him and his little brother Ty along this year.  We started off at Strange Adventures where they had a line-up down the block.  They had games, balloon animals, a ton of free comics, and some great sales.  We all left happy.  Vanessa let the boys pick out an action figure and they both opted for a Halo figure which they both broke within 20 minutes.Marv-Abomination MS full2

Our next stop was Quantum Frontier, where they also had sales, freebies, balloons, and a barbeque.  I don’t make it up to QF very often so I took a thorough look around to see if I could take advantage of their 30% off toy sale.  They have the best selection of Marvel Select figures in the city and I found myself taking a second look at this Abomination; and damn was it ever cool.  The figure is huge and it weighs a ton.  My dad, who was also with me, saw me eyeing it and guessed that a toy of that size and detail must cost $100.  He was shocked when I told him it was only $24 and he insisted I buy it.  With the discount I only paid $16, not too shabby.  I think the boys were jealous as their broken Halo figures looked like a couple of chumps compared to the monstrosity I had just purchased.Marv-Abomination MS back

We didn’t make it to Monster’s Comic Lounge or Giant Robot Comics that day because we had to rush to make the start-time of an Iron Man 3 matinee but all-in-all it was a pretty good free comic book day.Marv-Abomination MS cover

Now let me tell you a little bit about the figure.  The Abomination is a Hulk villain who first appeared in Tales to Astonish issue 90 back in  1967.  My first real exposure to the character came in 1989 during the crossover-event “Atlantis Attacks” when he appeared in Amazing Spider-man Annual 23.  With a title like that it would be easy to think that Abomination is some sort of fish man.  His green skin and pointy ears make him look as though he could be a cousin of Mer-Man or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  But Abomination isn’t fishy at all.  He is a KGB agent named Emil Blonsky who subjected himself to the same type of gamma radiation that transformed Bruce banner into the Hulk.  I’m not sure why he turned all reptilian looking but he succeeded in making himself bigger and more powerful than the Hulk.  The character hadn’t changed much over the past 40 years until 2008 when he was killed by the RED HULK and replaced with a newly gamma-radiated Rick Jones who became a friendlier, hipper Abomination who goes by the nickname A-Bomb.Marv-Abomination MS face-off

I almost didn’t buy this figure despite the good price and my dad’s approval because later this year both the Blonsky Abomination and A-Bomb are scheduled to be released in the 3 inch Marvel Universe scale.  However the sheer bulk of this figure won me over.  This figure dwarfs even my other Marvel Select figures.  I took a picture of him next to my Marvel Universe Hulk to give you an idea of his scale.  The sculpting is great and enhanced by the excellent paint job.  He’s well articulated throughout, though I wish his neck was ball jointed.  This is a fantastic figure with very little room for improvement.  10 out of 10Marv-Abomination MS art2


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  1. wow this is cool

  2. on fcbd my local comic store was giving away 20 free issues of ultimates and spiderman and stuff it was cool

  3. NICE!!!!! An awesome return after a dry week. The Hulk is my favorite character and The Abomination has always been one of my favorite Hulk baddies. I’ve seen this figure in stores a few times and always when I’m short on cash (which is always really). But I need this figure to give my Select Gray Hulk a playmate.

    And don’t let the blogging dry spell get you down. It sucks BBTS cut your sponsorship. But look at this place as a way to relax and connect with fellow toy addicts. Whether or not you have 5 readers or 5000, the collecting community is a fraternity of people who appreciate what you have to say and enjoy your outlook on your collection.

    Looking forward to the next figure. Perhaps something Spidey related.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Paul.

      You should totally buy this toy to display with your gray Hulk. I considered buying the Select Thing to display with mine.

      I shall try to get another post up soon, I’ve got a Joe in mind for my next one but I can tackle a Spidey related character after that.

  4. holy crap, this is phenomenal. whoa!

    and screw BBTS

    • It is a great figure.

      But I stand by BBTS as one of the best online toy retailers out there. I totally understand their decision to end my sponsorship. If I’m not bringing people to their site then why bother. The guys there have been very pleasant to deal with.

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