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I was not planning on spending any money today.  However Vanessa and I had accumulated a fair amount of recyclables which were taking up a lot of space in our laundry room.  She was adamant that we get rid of them today but the recycling depot that we usually visit down the street isn’t open on Sundays.  So she found a depot across the bridge in Dartmouth that was open and away we went.  Once we were finished with that task and I had a fresh $7 in my pocket I suggested that we pop into Giant Robot Comics, a very nice little shop on the Dartmouth side that I don’t get to visit as often as I’d like to because of it’s location.  My reason for visiting today was not for myself but because my sister had tasked me with finding a plush Hulk for her son who’s having a birthday next weekend.

No luck on the plush Hulk unfortunately.  They had plush daleks and walking dead characters but I don’t think either of those are up Ty’s alley; he’s turning 4.  However I did notice that they had recently stocked the G.I. Joe Kre-O blind packs.  Toys R Us has an exclusive deal, at least here in Canada, to sell the Joe Kre-Os.  They hit the shelves here a couple of months ago, right around the time that Retaliation was hitting theaters.  My local Toys R Us got in all of the various vehicle sets but they didn’t get any of the blind bagged single figures.  Originally I thought I would probably only get the blind packed figures but when they failed to show-up I caved and bought all of the vehicle sets.  You may recall that I reviewed the Checkpoint Alpha set a while back.  I’ve checked back several times in hopes of finding the blind packs but to no avail. Kreo-Quick kick package

I had a lot of fun building the vehicle sets but I don’t really have the room to display them so I’m not sure that I will continue buying future assortments.  The single figures though are small and easy to display so I figured that I would collect all of them, if I could ever find them.  Well today I found them.  The single packs are blind, meaning you don’t know which character you’re getting when you buy the little cellophane packet.  Luckily there is a code on the packages that is not supposed to be known to consumers which tells you which character is inside each pack.  Thankfully Darryl  (owner of GRC) had saved me the trouble of matching up the codes to a list online because he had already labelled the blind packs himself.  If he had the entire assortment there I probably would have bought them all but since he only had seven of the twelve available figures I decided to pick a few choice characters.   I bought Joe Colton, Jinx, Scarlett and Quick Kick.Kreo-Quick kick instructions

Quick Kick was first introduced in 1985, arguably the best year ever for the G.I. Joe brand.  He was a Hollywood stunt man turned soldier who specialized in martial arts.  His portrayal in the cartoon was pretty goofy, what with his bad John Wayne impressions and all, and his comic book appearances never left a big impression on me either.  His most memorable tale from the Marvel comics was probably the one where he was killed. 😦  Kreo-Quick kick animated

And yet I always liked this character.  Yes it was silly that he was barefooted and bare-chested on the battlefield but the diversity that he brought to the team was welcome.  The more Joes that could pass for village people the better I always thought.  Quick Kick was one of those classic characters that I didn’t own for a very long time.  Doug owned the ’85 original and the character didn’t get updated during the new sculpt era.  It wasn’t until a modern sculpt version was released in 2008 that  I finally had a Quick Kick to call my own.  And now I have two.Kreo-Quick kick fight

This Lego style KRE-O Quick Kick is pretty great.  I like the smirking face and the hair piece is very well sculpted.  He’s got “working” nunchucks, a sword that can be sheathed on his back, a couple of throwing stars (which he doesn’t hold very well), a frozen fudgee bar  which comes directly from the cartoon, and a display base.  Not a bad lot of accessories for a figure that’s only about an inch tall.  The only real issue I have with the figure is that the blocky wrists and shoulders look extra weird considering that this guy is topless.  However I can forgive that type of thing on a block figure.  7 out of 10.


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  1. I always liked Quick Kick and he’s one of the figures I miss from the big Joe selloff I did a few years ago. The most memorable Marvel story he was involved in for me was one where he, Stalker and Snow Job were captured and put in a prison work camp. The arc lasted several issues and ended with Snake Eyes breaking orders and going in for the rescue.

    I love the instructions that came with the figure. Did you have to refer to them several times during the build?? Looks complicated. LOL

  2. Hey Mike, did Darryl take credit for identifying the packs 🙂 I bought the full case that showed up at TRU and traded in the doubles on Saturday. A friend in Ontario hooked us up with some earlier in the month so we didn’t need full sets each. Glad they went to a good home!

    • Ha. No Glenn, he didn’t take credit. He wasn’t even there, I just assumed he did it. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled at Toys R Us for when they get more in. Alley Viper, Crimson Guard and Torpedo were a few of the figures at the top of my want list. how much was Toys r Us selling them for?

  3. I believe these are Toys R Us exclusives in the United States too. At least, that’s the only place I’ve seen them at. As for “the code,” I broke it with my first purchase. I believe (I don’t have the packaging anymore to double-check) the last two digits correspond with the photos of the characters on the back of the pack. Same goes for the Transformers ones, and, one assumes, the new Star Trek line.

  4. At TRU they were $3.49 + tax. Our TRU to my knowledge only got in 2 cases about 2 months apart. I’m not sure who purchased the first case, it wasn’t any collector I know. All of the sets were restocked and they have plenty of each.

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