JINX v.6 (2013)


Anybody who currently collects G.I. Joes or who reads this blog on a regular basis should know all about the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service by now.  For a fee club members could opt into a program where they would get 12 exclusive figures mailed to them in pairs over the course of 6 months.  The 12 figures were shown to collector’s in advance.  However we were told in the beginning that a mystery 13th figure would be included in the final shipment.  Well that final shipment has been mailed out and people all over America have received their mystery figure.  I haven’t received mine yet but I expect it to show up this week or next. (frig’n Canada eh?)  I will promptly review those final 3 figures once they arrive.  In the meantime I figured I should review the last of the FSS figures which I hadn’t gotten around to gabbing about yet .  The very first FSS shipment contained Dice and Jinx.  It was a very impressive way to get things started.  I like the Dice figure a lot even though I don’t have much of an attachment to the character.  Jinx on the other hand is one of my favorite Joe characters.  The reason I put off reviewing her for so long is because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open her up.   I open 99% of my toys, even rare ones, but I do like to keep a few in their packages so that I can tack them to the wall in my man cave.  I have a small ledge on the ceiling that’s the perfect height for displaying carded figures.Joe-Jinx v6 display

Joes make for  the best figures to display on their cards because they have such nice individual card art.  Seeing as how these FSS figures are exclusives and that Jinx is a favorite of mine I thought she’d be a good figure to hang up mint on card.  I told myself that  I might switch her out with a different FSS figure down the line but I never did so there she hung…until now.  Today I decided to open up Jinx so that I could review her for you fine folks. joe-jinx v6 blades

When the initial 12 figures of the subscription service were revealed Jinx was the number one selling point to me.  I was stoked about Big Boa, Grunt, and Cover Girl but those were all characters that my brother Doug owned when we were kids.  Of the 12, only Jinx was represented a classic 80s character that I owned growing up.  And not only did I own the original but I loved it.  The original Jinx was released in 1987.  She wore a loose fitting red outfit with a chinese dragon logo on the breast.  Her only exposed skin was on her hands, the tops of her feet because she was wearing ninja slippers, and her eyes.  The rest of her face was concealed behind a red mask that came to a little point on her head.  It was a relatively simple design but I really liked it.  The only thing I might have changed was the slippers.joe-jinx v1

Version two came out in 2003 and it was simply a green repaint of version 1 with some tiger stripes added.  That figure was technically called Agent Jinx, probably for copyright reasons.  Then came Agent Jinx version 2 (or Jinx version 3 if you prefer) in 2004.  That version of Jinx was a radical redesign from the original.  She was wearing a red and black outfit that seemed inspired by the feudal period of Japanese history.   This look might have stemmed from the fact that she was dating the G.I. Joe samurai, Budu, in the comics published by Devil’s Due at the time.  The 2004 figure featured a maskless face with a long black ponytail.  One of the accessories she came packaged with was a red blindfold which was a cool nod to the 1987 animated Joe movie which starred Jinx and introduced her to the series.  In the film she showed off her ninja skills by fighting her drill sergeant, Beachhead, completely blindfolded as that was how she was trained by her blind ninja master.joe-jinx v3

When Hasbro began releasing the modern style figures in 2007 Jinx was strangely absent.  I could understand her not appearing in the first wave of figures and even the second but after a while it was ridiculous.  In my opinion Jinx and Zarana were the too most important characters not produced by Hasbro in those first few years.  Luckily the Zarana problem was solved in 2011 with a San Diego exclusive.   When the Club announced their 2012 FSS line-up a modern Jinx had still not been produced so the FSS was a no-brainer for me to purchase since it included my favorite female ninja.  I was disappointed that the new figure was based on her 2004 look instead of her classic ’87 red pajamaed look but at that point I was willing to take whatever I could get. joe-jinx special missions

The 2012 FSS ran into some production snags and the figures didn’t start shipping until many months after the original start date.  While I patiently waited for my pre-paid Jinx and the other 12 figures to arrive in the mail some interesting things happened.  First San Diego revealed their 2012 exclusive figure: red pajamed Jinx.  Secondly it was revealed that Jinx would be featured in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie sequel: Retaliation, practically guaranteeing that a movie based figure would be produced (we now know that it’s a certainty).  I don’t know if those announcements would have affected me purchasing the FSS as the Jinx figure was suddenly far less vital but regardless, I’m glad I subscribed.joe-jinx v6 back

My red pajama wearing San Diego Jinx remains carded for display so that was a big reason why I opted to open this figure up this afternoon.  I technically still didn’t have a Jinx in my Joe collection, at least not displayed with the rest of them.  I really like that San Diego Jinx because it features her classic look and they even fixed her slippers.  This FSS version makes for a very nice alternate version of the character to have on display. The figure is technically called  Kim Arashikage not Jinx.  Again I assume that this is due to copyright issues.  Rather than adding “Agent” to her code name as they had done in the past they simply put her “real name” on the card.  If the last name rings a bell it’s because it’s the name of the clan that Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow belong to.  Jinx is actually Storm Shadow’s cousin.joe-jinx v6 weapons



The body of this figure is a completely repainted version of Scarlett version 13.  They did such a good job on this new paint job that it’s barely recognizable.  On Scarlett this body looked like layered armored but on Jinx it looks like a sleek one piece catsuit.  The black and red with gold and brown highlights looks fantastic.  There’s plenty of detail in the sculpt from the sheathed knife on her shoulder, to the kneepads and various pouches.  The painted dragon crest on her breast is a nice nod to the original.  The head sculpt is brand new and it’s not bad.  I like her stern facial expression and pony tail.  What I don’t like is that it seems a wee bit to small and the result is a giraffe neck.joe-jinx v6 fulljoe-jinx v6 with jinx v4

Jinx comes with some great accessories:  a machine gun, sword and sheath, display base, nunchucks, a grappling hook and rope, a blindfold, and two forearm blades.  The forearm blades look awesome and will be my standard display weaponry.  The sheath is really cool because it straps around her leg instead of plugging into her back like we usually see.  It stays in place fine and matches the sculpted straps on the other leg.  The blindfold stays on nice and snug as well and is a cool throwback to the 2004 figure which was the inspiration for this new design.  A very nice figure overall.  8 out of 10.


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  1. Nice Jinx figure. Now she can breath since you opened her. I think you should crack open the Exclusive one too. It looks sweet in the backround above. I had the original Jinx back in the day. She was one of the last Joe figures I got before my play days ended. Sadly she was sold off a couple of years ago in an Ebay selling binge I went through.

    • agreed paul mike should open the other jinx it looks cool but if he doesn’t want to what can i say

      • I’ve considered opening it guys. But I have the last couple of San Diego figures sealed (Sgt Slaughter and Zarana) so I have a carded collection of those going. Besides this same Jinx figure (or a very similar one) is coming out in yellow as part of the regular series soon as well and I’ll be opening that one.

  2. But but but this one is all red and pretty and stuff. 😉

  3. I’m using FSS Jinx as Elektra. Weird like that.

    SDCC Jinx is the best Jinx possible… Retaliation yellow/gray Jinx will be Vypra. (1998 character)

  4. 99% isn’t good enough I’ve opened 99.99% of mine. So you need to open 100% to be fair. :p

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