Every time I’m asked “What’s your favorite cephalopod?” I struggle with the answer.  I’m fascinated by Squids; the thought of giant ones sinking ships makes me giddy.  I’ve been a fan of sea creatures ever since I first saw the Kraken emerge from the depths in Clash of the Titans (1981) or Godzilla do the same in any number of movies (though I don’t consider him a sea creature).  So squids seem like an obvious pick, but god damn if Octopi aren’t a close runner-up.  As a kid I had a translucent rubber Octopus that came packaged with a deep sea diver from Fisher Price’s “Adventure People” line.  I found the diver kind of dorky and old fashioned but I loved that octopus.  I worked it into as many play scenarios as I possibly could.  Any time the G.I. Joes or He-Man or Luke Skywalker had an underwater mission you better believe that the Adventure People Octopus was there to give them problems.  I had an Adventure People shark as well so you can imagine those treks into the bathtub weren’t easy for any action figure brave enough to take the plunge.BB-Octo Adventure person

I’ve already reviewed the Battle Beast Squid (cuttlefish technically) so today I can focus my attention on my second favorite tentacled warrior.  This here is Battle Octopus, or Octillion Octopus as he is officially known.  He was released in the second wave of Battle Beasts in the late 80s.  I think that overall the first wave remains my favorite but the second wave added some less obvious animal choices into the mix which I appreciated.  Both Battle Octopus and the aforementioned squid were included in wave two.  Some kids may have went with the option of making these guys friends but my immediate thought was to make them arch enemies.  I imagined that the two of them had an underwater dispute long before the Battle Beast war started and when the time came to pick sides in the fight it was a no-brainer that they would align themselves with opposing armies.  I think most people would have made the squid the bad guy out of the two of them.  Squid is wearing black armor, he has a harpoon arm, and he has those big frightening yellow eyes.  But for some reason I chose to make Squid the good guy and placed the friendlier looking bright red octopus on the bad guy team.BB-Octo side

Now when I say friendlier looking I don’t mean friendly looking.  Battle Octopus is pretty creepy in his own right.  There’s just something about those big round black eyes that make him look soulless.  Whether or not any octopus has a soul I suppose is up for debate but you know what I mean.  The sculpt on this figure is pretty nice.  They did a very good job at making this 8-armed creature appear to be bi-pedal.  The opposite of what was done on the recently reviewed Beast Saga manta ray figure.  Like the Squid figure, Octopus has double-arms which works out well and looks pretty cool  His legs act as 2 more arms and the last 2 small appendages hang from his face.  All of the tentacles, including his legs have suction cups sculpted along the undersides which is a nice attention to detail.  Another design similarity that octo shares with squid is the tubular mouth which gives them a very alien like appearance.   The spiky shoulder pads are another neat addition to the sculpt.BB-Octo card

The blue armor looks great against the red skin.  That type of contrast wasn’t seen a lot in the toy line.  For some reason they usually seemed to give blue characters, like the shark, blue armor or yellow characters, like the camel, yellow armor.   The color choices used on Octopus really make the figure pop out in my display.  The little bit of yellow goes a long way in breaking up the big chunks of solid color and actually enhances the figure quite a bit.  Unfortunately I do not have the gold spear that he came with but I bet this guy could do some damage on the battlefield  without it.  7 out of 10.BB-Octo pair


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  1. he sort of reminds me of a Micronaut for some reason. Must be all the colors.

  2. Micronauts and “cheap” don’t seem to go together any time I’ve looked for them on Ebay.

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