Dr. Doom first appeared in Fantastic Four issue 5 way back in 1962.  Another brilliant creation from the minds of Stan lee and Jack Kirby.  Doom has appeared hundreds of times since his initial appearance making him one of the most prolific villains in all of comicdom.  He is an iconic character with an iconic look.  Sure the skirt may be a little dated by today’s character design standards but the dude is European so some leeway must be given.  Even though he’s primarily a Fantastic Four villain, and I’ve never read FF on a regular basis, I’ve still read plenty of Doom stories.  This character is too big to be contained in just one title.  Over the years Doom as appeared in pretty much every series published by Marvel.  I’ve seen him fight Spidey, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, even DC characters.  Doom doesn’t back down from nobody.Marv-Doom-Surfer Marv-Doom-Xmen

Dr. Doom was actually one of my earliest Marvel figures.  Back when I was a kid and super hero toys were a rarity, DC had their Super Powers line and Marvel had their Secret Wars line.  Neither line was very expansive and neither was easy for me to find in stores.   I had one character from each, DC’s Mantis (another Kirby creation) and Marvel’s Dr. Doom.  I remember getting Mantis as a birthday present but I can’t recall where my Doom came from.  I know I didn’t get him brand new because I never had any of his accessories, just the bare bones figure.   It was a great representation of the Latverian ruler and I still have it today. Marv-Doom face

I acquired a few more versions of Doom during the super hero abundant 90s but none of them were as good as the 80s Secret Wars version.  I collected the 5” Marvel figures produced by Toy Biz quite rabidly in the 90s but had pretty much stopped collecting super hero toys by the 2000s when the focus switched over to the overly articulated Marvel Legends line.  I didn’t care for most of the Legends figures, Doom included.  Marvel Select, who usually makes excellent figures, released a Doom a few years ago that came with a cool throne and everything but the figure itself looked a little off.  He was too short or something, not as menacing as I’d like my Doom to be.Marv-Doom secret

My interest in collecting Marvel toys on a regular basis was renewed by Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line of 4” figures.  I wasn’t sold at first, letting multiple waves pass me by, but once I started buying just my favorite characters the flood gates were opened and I began collecting them all.  This Doom figure was first released in a Secret Wars themed 2-pack with the Absorbing Man.  I wasn’t in completist mode at the time so I passed on that particular set initially.  Luckily both of those characters were later released as single carded figures and that’s when I snagged him.Marv-Doom back

I would argue that this may be the greatest Doom figure ever released.  It can be tough to compare a little figure like this to larger more detailed versions like the Marvel Select release but in this case size really doesn’t matter.  This figure nails the iconic look and is packed full of detail.  His size is actually pretty good when compared to other MU figures.  He’s bulkier and slightly taller than most of his spandex clad adversaries.  The face has just the right expression, a mix of pissed off and annoyed.  The body armor has a metallic sheen and his cloak and tunic have a cloth like texturing.  The only issue I have with the figure is one I have with many MU figures,  the articulation.  His joints are a little stiff and his arms rest kind of weird.  I don’t know why after 30 year of producing G.I. Joes in this scale Hasbro can’t seem to get the articulation right on their Marvel figures.  If I were to play with this figure this stiffness would bother me more, but seeing as I just display him it doesn’t bother me too much.  This is one of the best figures from the line.  9 out of 10.Marv-Doom pair


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  1. I badly need that virginal white FFoundation Doom.

    look at the perfection of this figure… then compare it to the the digital sub incentive unmasked Doom in the Marvel Universe line which looked like almost a half ass effort.

  2. Great Doom figure. Just what I think he should look like. He’s one of those characters that’s been pretty much free of the tinkering with their look that happens to most others over the years. I think my favorite Doom story is still the one from the 80s when they did a Marvel/DC crossover and Doom teamed up with the Parasite against Superman and Spider-Man.

  3. Awesome review Mike

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