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Hey gang, I just wanted to throw up a very quick toy review as an excuse to wish everybody a Happy Canada Day.  For those of you who don’t know, I live on the east coast of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Today is Canada’s birthday and we celebrate it much the same way that the Americans celebrate the 4th of July a couple of days later.  We drink beer, go to concerts, and watch fireworks.  I’m actually not indulging in any beers tonight as I’ve been punishing my liver for the last 3 days and I have to work in the morning.  I am however going to a free concert on the waterfront before the fireworks display.  The headliner tonight is Tokyo Police Club, an excellent Canadian band that I strongly recommend you check out on youtube or whatever.Marv-Puck cover

Last year I reviewed Guardian on Canada Day.  It seemed fitting since he is the leader of Canada’s one and only super team ALPHA FLIGHT.  The team is littered with silly stereotypes, from the leader being draped in our flag to their strong man being a sasquatch, but none are sillier than Puck, the midget who dresses like a hockey puck.  In order to fight bad guys this dwarf basically just rolls around a lot.  It’s kind of ridiculous but you gotta love him.  Marv-Puck toybiz carded

This figure was produced by Toy Biz and was actually just included with the Snowbird figure (one of Puck’s Alpha Flight teammates) as an add-on along with some Canadian woodland critters. Because of his small stature Toy Biz knew that they couldn’t possibly package him on his own and charge full price; If only Hasbro had got that same memo.  I can’t talk much about this toy now since I gotta leave for the concert in 5 minutes but I will go into more detail at a later date when I review the recently released Marvel Universe version of the character.  Until then, thanks for reading and…



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  1. Good ol Puck. That’s all I can think of to say about him.

  2. nobody in Alpha Flight calls people “hoser” though so they missed some stereotypes afterall, don’tchaknow

    Guardian is no more silly than Captain Britain… just equally so

    • or Union Jack for that matter LOL

      I’m pretending here that Steve Rogers “Cap” should be safe from finger pointing and ridicule because he was in big screen mega hit films by Joe Johnston and Joss Whedon.

      • Even if we excused Cap from the conversation there’s still Patriot, U.S.Agent, Uncle Sam, Super Patriot, Miss America, Jack Flag and god knows how many other flag wearing American heroes.

        Both Union Jack and Captain Britain have awesome costumes.

    • I actually like Guardian’s flag outfit, every country needs at least one of those guys. We also have Captain Canuck.

      • ever see the cartoon Super Hero Squad? there’s an episode where Wolverine joins the All Captains team of Captain America, Captain Britain, Captain Australia, Captain Brazil, and Captain Lichtenstein. Wolvy becomes Captain Canada. It’s f’in hysterical to watch.

      • I’ve actually never watched the show but i do get a kick out of the toys. that episode sounds amazing.

  3. Please don’t talk about Superhero Squad. Whenever anyone does I get the urge to collect those cute little figures. So far I’ve resisted but my self control sucks.

  4. Awesome I have to catch up on my readings looking forward to puck part 2

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