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So yesterday was Wednesday which means new comic books.  I popped on over to the new Strange Adventures location on my lunch break to grab my weekly stack.  This week’s haul consisted of Spider-Man, Superman, Supergirl, Tank Girl, and the Killjoys.  However, in an all too common scenario, I didn’t leave with only my comics.  Displayed in the window was the first wave of Pacific Rim action figures based on the Guillermo Del Toro monster flick due out this Friday.  The 3 figures included in the wave consisted of jaegers (robots) GIPSY DANGER and CRIMSON TYPHOON and kaiju (monster) KNIFEHEAD.  I’ve been super stoked about this movie since it was first announced and I originally imagined that I would end up buying all of the action figures associated with it (Robots vs Monsters? action figure no-brainer). But in the months leading up to the release, as images of the jaegers were released, I found myself unimpressed; especially in the case of Gipsy Danger, who is the hero of the picture.  Seeing the figure in front of me did nothing to win me over. If anything it solidified my opinion that Gipsy Danger is lame looking which is especially frustrating because this movie isn’t based on any existing property, meaning they could have made him look like anything in the world and yet they went with this.  meh.  Crimson Typhoon is cooler looking but not cool enough to warrant the $30 price tag.  I left both jaegers in the window.  Knifehead however I could not resist.  This ugly mother f**ker was just way too cool looking to pass up.PR-Knifehead face

I set him down on the front counter with my comics and expressed my joy to the shop owner, Cal, about buying the figure.  I grew up on Godzilla movies and  just can’t get enough of big ol’ city stomp’n monsters.  Well to my delight Cal presented me with a free double pass to an advance screening of the film in 3D Imax for that very night.  Boo-Yah!

PR-Knifehead frontAs soon as work got out for the day, Vanessa and I headed over to the movie theater to get in line.  We scored some excellent seats and settled in for a wild ride.  Vanessa did not have the same enthusiasm for the film as I did going in but she ended up quite enjoying it.  I enjoyed it too but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also disappointed with it.  I won’t give away any surprises so it is safe to read on.  I just found the script weak and the acting bad.  The scientists inserted as comic relief failed to generate any laughs and the practical sets failed to impress me.   Having said all that, I was going to this film to see giant robots fighting giant monsters and this movie delivered in that department.  The CG looked great and the battle scenes were enormous in scale.  Unfortunately the action was shot Transformers style meaning I didn’t know what the hell I was looking at half the time.  And every fight scene takes place at night, usually in the water, so we never really get a monster money shot.  Still, you should go see it.PR-Knifehead back

Knifehead’s scene was brief but he was my favorite monster in the film.  He looked badass and he got to lay some serious smack down.  I was excited to get home from the movie so that I could open up my new toy of him and maybe review him for you guys.  I opened him as soon as I got in and, like with the movie, I was torn.  The figure looks great.  He’s got a really nice sculpt, especially in the face and his skin has multiple cracks and bumps which add plenty of texture.  The paint aps are decent and reflective of the look from the movie although, as Vanessa pointed out to me, some glow in the dark paint would have been sweet.

PR-Goblin SharkThe main problem is the lack of articulation.  There is very little movement in this figure.  His jaw opens slightly, his arms and legs move forward and back and he has knee and elbow movement….that’s it.  His smaller secondary arms have no movement at all and his frig’n head doesn’t even turn.  His limbs really should have been ball jointed to allow for some more dynamic posing and fighting. This thing is way to stiff for a $30 figure in my opinion but he does still look cool as hell.  It looks to me like he’s probably based on the real-life Goblin Shark which is a solid choice for a monster design.  Plus his name is hella cool as well.  I will likely buy a few more of these kaiju figures provided they release more.  I only wish they were bigger so that I could display them next to my 12″ Godzilla.  7 out of 10.

Who needs Jaegers?

Who needs Jaegers?



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  1. I just can’t get excited about Pacific Rim. I love the idea of robots and monsters duking it out. But the trailer I saw before Man Of Steel showed the soldiers who control the robots in their control suits and that part looked lame to me. I can’t explain it. Just turned me off to this flick. Knifehead looks cool though.

  2. Very cool looking creature. A shame that his articulation is not up to snuff.

  3. Alright. I’ll go check it out when it hits the theatre in Calais. But if I’m totally blown away by how sucky ass bad it is. I’m driving to NS and knocking over all your figures.

  4. Well I went and saw it last night. I liked It well enough. I loved the premise of the story and the action scenes were great. The human parts were a bit of a drag. Except for the ones with that little nerd scientist guy. Those were awesome.

  5. I should add. No figure knocking over is needed this time around. But consider it a warning for future movie recommendations. 🙂

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