The first Sorceress figure was released in 1987, kind of late in the game as far as Masters of the Universe figures go.  Neither Doug or I ever owned her as we had pretty much moved on from He-Man by then.  Had they released her earlier I’m sure one of us would have put her on our Christmas list.  Without her there seemed  a large void in our Masters of the Universe collection.  We owned both Snake Mountain and Castle Grayskull and while Skeletor ruled over the mountain we had nobody to sit in the throne of the castle.MOTU-Sorceress face

By the time of the 2002 MOTU relaunch I was really into the brand.  The figures sculpted by the Four Horsemen were awesome and the cartoon was actually fun and exciting to watch.  The Sorceress played an important role in the 2002 series, just as she had in the 80s series.  She served as a guide and mentor to He-Man.  The 2002 series delved deeper into her past and her connections to Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Fisto.  Sadly the toy line was cancelled before a Sorceress figure was released.  Fortunately the Horsemen were able to release a series of action figure sized statues under a different licensing agreement.  This allowed them to put out compatible display pieces of important characters that didn’t make it into the all too brief toyline.  The Sorceress was one of those late release mini statues, which are commonly referred to as staction figures.MOTU-Sorceress back

I imagine it was because of the cancellation of the cartoon and the “failure” of the action figure line that none of my local shops carried the staction figures.  I own about 5 of them and all of them had to be purchased online.  Had I found them at retail the statues would have cost about $30 each but on the secondary market they sold for twice that amount.  I shelled out the cash for must haves like Mantenna and Stinkor.  A few of them were obviously in higher demand than others because the price tags on a couple particular statues were especially brutal.  When it came to Leech and the Sorceress, the last two essential missing pieces of my collection, I trolled about on ebay on a regular basis hoping to find a good deal.  To this day I haven’t found a reasonably priced Leech.  Though the “need” for him has been reduced since acquiring the Classics version of the character in 2011.  I did eventually find a Sorceress statue selling at near retail price but it took years.

It was a bittersweet victory when the statue, my first ever Sorceress collectable, arrived in the mail.  I finally had her but a new Classics version of her had just been announced meaning that I would have to start my Sorceress hunt all over again.  At least the new toy would be easy to get, I would just order her from on the 15th of the month as I do with every other MOTU Classics figure.  Easier said than done.  The Sorceress, like Kobra Kahn and Fisto, sold out at a lightning fast speed.  Once Matty sells out then you have no choice but to turn to the dreaded secondary market of ebay.  I had no desire to pay a ridiculously inflated price for the figure so I waited and hoped that Matty would eventually offer her up again. MOTU-Sorceress animated

I didn’t have to wait long.  Mattel produced this all-white variant of the Classics figure called the “Temple of Darkness Sorceress” which was slated to be a Convention exclusive.  In a surprise move, Mattel made the figure available through their site for a limited time and I snatched one up.  This figure gets its name from one of the mini-comics that came packaged with the vintage figures.  Those mini-comics predated the animated series and had a more serious Conan-esque tone.  I recall reading some of those early mini comics but I don’t recall this specific one which featured the Sorceress in all white garb.

MOTU-Sorceress standard

While I usually prefer to have a character in their most recognizable iconic outfit I think that I’ve come to like this white version of the Sorceress even more than the standard blue and orange one.  She looks less like a super hero and more like an elegant, mythical, keeper of the power of Grayskull.  The translucent wings go a long way in adding an air of mystery to the figure, as if she’s an apparition.MOTU-Sorceress comic

Other than a slight change to the boots this is the exact same sculpt that was used on the standard release figure and it’s a nice one.  She’s well-proportioned with lots of articulation and solid joints.  The joints on her shoulders that hold the wings in place are a little clunky and they look unnatural when you turn her arms to the side but that’s my only gripe.  The cascading wings actually work quite well in how they spread when her arms are raised, using only gravity instead of springs and levers.

In place of her bird-self, Zoar, which was included with the standard release, Temple of Darkness Sorceress has a crystal ball stand which makes for a nice little display piece on my shelf.  It should be noted that the actual crystal ball came packaged with King Grayskull.  This is a very nice figure from an obscure corner of MOTU lore.  9 out of 10.MOTU-Sorceress full2


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  1. Wow, looking at the inspirational mini-comic brought back memories. I can remember owning that issue.

  2. Very cool and yet different look to an iconic figure. I like her in all white as well, and think it would have worked if that were her look in the beginning. I suppose all white is a little boring for the eighties though.

  3. I always liked the backstory in the mini-comics. I always found it confusing that in the early books the Sorceress looked like Teela with the snake headgear on. So I used Teela as Teela without the headgear and put the headgear on her when I wanted to have a Sorceress adventure. I like the blue and orange figure better.

  4. when did Sorceress join the Future Foundation? all she’s missing is the hexagonal logo on her spandex

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