It’s been nearly a year now since I acquired my first Beast Saga figures.  The line started out with a handful of single carded figures and three 3-packs to establish the three rival factions of beasts.  The LAND 3-pack contained the leader of that group, a lion , along with a hamster and a deer.  The AIR 3-pack contained their leader, an eagle, along with a falcon and a pigeon.  And the WATER 3-pack contained their leader, a shark , along with a piranha, and this guy.  This guy had me stumped.  I had no idea what type of fish he was supposed to be and that’s one of the reasons that I put off reviewing him for so long.  I didn’t want to just name him Saga Fish because it seemed far too broad a name for this creepy fella which is clearly intended to be a distinct species.   After searching around on the internet I found that he is supposed to be a Coelacanth,  a creepy fish found in the deep waters of Indonesia. BS-fish real

Now that I knew what he was I wasn’t about to name this figure Saga Coelacanth because that’s a mouthful and I’m not even sure how to pronounce it so Saga Fish it is.  I’ve seen him called Sealence on some sites so that works too.  While I was researching these fish online I didn’t find anything that indicated that they were a threat to man.  If I had been asked to assemble a trio of the scariest fish, shark and piranha would have been my top 2 picks for sure.  Beyond that…I don’t know.  Maybe a barracuda, or a moray eel.  Would it be cheating to include a different breed of shark?  Like a Mako or a Tiger?  I definitely wouldn’t have opted for a Coelacanth, in part because I had never heard of them before, and yet I think he makes a fine addition to this set of scary fish. BS-fish front

I was always of the mind that there were very few fish out there that could actually  kill me.  However I watched an episode of River Monsters on A&E the other night and apparently there are all kinds of fish out there that can take you out in a variety of ways.  The finned fiend that the host happened to be tracking on this particular episode was a large (200lbs) but rather mundane looking fish called a Tarpon.  This fish didn’t even have teeth yet it managed to kill somebody simply by leaping out of the water and head-butting him with his massive concrete like head.  Crazy stuff. BS-fish back

I don’t know much about Coelacanths but if they look anything like this action figure does then I don’t want to mess with them.  He’s not as terrifying as the shark or the piranha but he’s still pretty evil looking.  I’d be curious to see how this character is portrayed on the Beast Saga anime .  I still haven’t watched more than the first episode at this point.  In my Beast Saga world I imagine him being the right hand man of Saga Shark; a lieutenant who isn’t quite as loyal as he seems.  Like Starscream, I imagine he’s just biding his time, waiting for his chance to take on the leadership role .

This is a very nice figure with lots of subtle sculpted details such as the scaly skin and it makes good use of sparse paint aps with his gold eyes and red mouth.  The armor is purple with a few green highlights and appears to be modeled after a submarine or a torpedo.  Like every Beast Saga figure he includes a couple of launching dice, a playing card, a shield, and a bladed weapon.  In this case it’s a spear with a pointy end that looks like a fish itself.  I dig him.  7 out of 10.BS-fish face


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