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This is the G.I. Joe team’s Transportable Tactical Battle Platform that was released way back in 1985.  I’m not exactly sure why but I never called it that as a kid.  This item was always known to me as the “Air/Sea base”.  I’m not sure where I picked up that name for it but it must have been used in the cartoon, a commercial, or a department store catalogue or something.  I can’t imagine that I would’ve just made it up on my own.  The concept behind this platform was that the Joes could airlift it via helicopter and drop it wherever it was needed.Joe-platform toon

This piece was one of the largest and most impressive toys in my childhood toy collection.  My brother Doug owned the Joe’s standard headquarters, the PIT, so it was nice to finally have a base to call my own.  The PIT made for an excellent playset but I favored the platform because there seemed to be so much to do on there.  On the front two corners are a double barrelled gun turret and a missile launcher equipped with 4 missiles.  I always had a Joe manning each of these stations.  In the back corner is a retractable hook on a rope which could be employed for multiple things.  It could be used to hook a boat to the platform or swung as a weapon but most often it just served as a way for invading Cobra EELs to get onboard.   For that reason, a Joe always manned the hook as well.  There are two “rooms’ on the platform.  The one on the right (with the hook) I suppose was intended as an armory.  A removable weapons rack and a small ladder into the room were the only embellishments to the area.  The rack could be loaded up with rifles but I never bothered filling it as it was a pain in the butt.  I viewed the room more as a lounge where the Joes chilled out between battles. Joe-platform boxed

The other room on the back left is the command center or computer room.  This is probably my favorite part of the platform.  It’s just a hollowed out boring square like the armory but this one comes to life when you snap on the 4-sided computer terminal which is loaded with sculpted details.  On top of the computers, a sloped glass enclosure gets attached.  I assume this is done to protect the computers from the elements.  A chair placed at the computer terminal and a search light in the back corner finish off the room.  My Mainframe figure was always in that chair and somebody else usually manned the searchlight.  A thin hallway runs along the back of the platform, connecting the two rooms.Joe-platform dock

The hallway wasn’t very accessible at playtime because it ran beneath a helicopter platform that connect to the main base via a couple of curved steel girders and a ladder.  The helipad greatly increased the surface area of the platform and I usually used it to station more figures as opposed to vehicles.  The Joe copters were way too big to sit on the relatively small platform anyway but it worked pretty well with a Sky Hawk.

The platform also had a third and final ladder that attached to the side and lead into what would be the ocean depths.  You would think that this would have been the easiest way for Cobra to swarm the platform but I found the weight of a figure usually pulled the ladder out of its slots, so the hook and rope was a studier and safer bet for enemy frogmen.

At the center of the platform is a folding dock, or pier or whatever, that when extended further expands the “square footage” of the play set.Joe-platform chair

The last thing to mention are the 4 legs that the platform sits on.  Each leg comes in 3 pieces that snap together to make a solid base on which to rest the platform.  I loved the two toned look of the legs, I found it added to the realism of the platform. The many stickers go a long way in adding to believability of this item as well.Joe-platform hook

My air/sea base saw a lot of action when I was a kid.  Most of it was on the bedroom floor but this thing also found its way into the yard, the sandbox and the kiddie pool.  It was much easier to cart around than the PIT so it became our go-to mobile command center.  You can probably see some of the damage that’s been done to it over the years.  Mine’s not in too bad a shape but it’s far from mint.  The gun and missile platforms are broken and the dock has a busted hinge.  However I still have all the pieces and it can still be assembled and it still looks great.  There are so many snap on pieces and sculpted details that make this an awesome set.Joe-Platform ladder





This will forever be one of my favorite non-figure Joe items.  I was pretty stoked to be able to get it in KRE-O form recently and relive the joy of putting it together like I did on that Christmas morning nearly 30 years ago.  I only wish I had room to display this set somewhere, it deserves to be seen.  10 out of 10.Joe-platform front


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  1. Damn this makes me miss my platform. It was one of my favs too. I thought of it as a sea base because the first comic it appeared in had the Joes take one out to the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico and set up. The following adventure ended with the creation of Cobra Island!! DUNDUNDUN. Now I want to go dig out my old Joe comics. Grumble grumble. They’re way in the bottom in the back under all the other comic boxes.

  2. Yay this is like the coolest playset ever. Are you going to review the KREo one?

  3. My buddy Chad had this growing up, and it got a lot of play time when I would visit. Sadly, I never really got any of the bigger Joe playsets such as this. Can’t complain too much as I did have Castle Greyskull, Snake Mountain and MASK’s Boulder Mountain Playset. For some reason (maybe price?) Joes were never as lucky.

    • Those were all excellent playsets. I had Snake Mountain when we were kids and Doug had Castle Grayskull. We sold them off at a flea market years ago but I have since picked up my own vintage Castle Grayskull. I never had the MASK set as I never really got into that line. We did have a few Star Wars sets that were kind of cool.

  4. This was released in the UK in 1987 when Hasbro UK took full control of the ‘Action Force’ brand once Palitoy went to the giant toy shop in the sky. I really liked it as a kid but what put me off was the lack of a ‘special’ figure accompanying the set – i.e. a ‘Base Commander’, the vehicles came with special figures so why not this one? Thats what never impelled me to nag my Mum for it…Its a great concept but I really feel as its so oil rig-like its ideally suited for seaborne operations (dioramas, play etc). I can remember the 1987 and ’88 catalogues in the UK had great photos of the TTBP in a sea environment. Also, I remember Argos, a UK catalogue retailer, had their own photo of it in an arctic setting along with the Snowcat and Frostbite stood on the main ramp section across a large gap in the ‘ice’ like a bridge…

    One thing that put my Mum off buying it was the SIZE of the box, and its weight – she had Arthritis in her joints so lagging this thing home was simply a NO – I agree in hindsight…

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