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MOTU-Icer fullMasters of the Universe Classics

Regular readers of this blog and fellow Masters of the Universe fans are probably familiar with the current nature of collecting MOTU figures.  Mattel designs a brand new figure each and every month and then sells them exclusively through their website,  This is how things have been done since 2008 when Mattel first unveiled their MOTU Classics line of figures.  The Classics figures are inspired by all facets of MOTU lore, and there are more facets than you might think.

Of course there’s the original 1980s toy line.  Then there’s the 2002 toy line.  Each of those lines had corresponding comics and cartoons that the Mattel designers can draw from.  There was the oft forgotten “New Adventures of He-Man” cartoon and toy line, and the live-action movie starring Dolph Lundgren.  Aside from all of that, the designers have also created figures based on old concept art which had never seen the light of day before.  To ensure that the expansion of the line isn’t completely dictated by what has come before, brand new characters are even sprinkled into the mix. MOTU-Icer face

In 2012 Mattel had a 6 figure subset, known as the 30th anniversary series, integrated into the main Classics line.  That series consisted completely of  brand new characters.  That experiment must have been a success as Mattel is trying something similar in the latter half of 2013, introducing another 6 figure subset known as the Filmation series.  The characters included in the Filmation series are all characters who appeared in the classic MOTU cartoon produced by Filmation in the 80s but who never received the action figure treatment.MOTU-Icer toon

I loved the He-Man cartoon when I was a kid but I haven’t watched it in a long, long time.  Years ago I bought the “Best of” box set which contains the top 10 episodes as selected by fans.  I really wanted to enjoy them but they were just too silly for me to sit and watch at length.  It was then that I decided that the cartoons were better left in my childhood and I passed on buying the complete seasons.  For that reason, most of the characters included in the Filmation series are not immediately recognizable to me.  When the Filmation figures were first revealed a few months back there was a hint of familiarity in the designs but I could not recall any specifics about the characters.  Despite not knowing much about them, a few of the figures stood out immediately as must-buys.  Icer here was one of them.MOTU-Icer action

It didn’t much matter to me that Icer was from some old cartoon episode.  I hope that there’s some dude out there somewhere who’s been pining for this figure for decades and whose dream has finally come true but that’s not the case with me; I just think he’s cool looking.  I’ve welcomed newly created Classics characters like Drageo-Man and Castle Grayskull Man into my collection so why not this guy.

What I love about this figure is how simple it is.  It’s very Masters of the Universe in that it’s a simple concept constructed out of mostly reused parts and yet a character that feels wholly unique is created.  Icer is a practically naked guy made out of ice who, for some reason, is wearing fur boots, a loin cloth, and the fur trim of a hood.  Does he wear these things to keep warm?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Does he wear them to be fashionable?  That actually makes less sense.  Whatever the reason for his clothing choices, I approve.  A plain naked ice guy would have been kind of boring but the redundant hood and scraps of clothing give him some personality. MOTU-Icer head

The figure is pretty standard as far as Classics figures go.  As I said, most of his parts are recycled from other figures.  He’s well-articulated and he has good stiff joints.MOTU-Icer light








The really neat thing about this figure is that he’s cast in translucent blue plastic.  It creates a pretty realistic ice effect.  It’s not so translucent that you can see right through him but instead the plastic has a cloudy appearance.  Light passes through him pretty well though which looks pretty cool.  I really like this figure and I think Icer would have been a real hit with kids in the 80s.  It’s a shame it took so long to get a figure made of this guy.

Icer includes a gold scepter and a large icicle for accessories.  Both suit him pretty well.  9 out of 10.


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  1. He does look pretty cool. I have a hard time watching the cartoons from the 80s I loved too. I was so pumped when I bought a set with the GI Joe cartoons M.A.S.S. Effect and The Revenge Of Cobra. I liked them but the memory was better.

  2. I haven’t revisited either He-Man or the Transformers cartoons, as I’m generally scared about what I’d find. I have, however, picked up most of GI Joe’s first season, and love them even now. Granted, I can’t watch more than an episode at a time, but the plots are so insane it’s impossible not to be impressed. The first episode after the mini-series had Cobra trying to steal a space shuttle mid-flight, using nets tied to HISS tanks. Naturally they fail. The back-up plan? Back the troops up to the river where a giant sea robot will grab them and take them home.

    I imagine such insanity had a profound effect on my forming brain at the time.

    I also imagine that this guy would do well on the shelves even today, as he looks pretty neat.

    • The Joe episodes are fun. They inspired many of my play scenarios. Those first two mini series were a go-to template of sorts at playtime. The Joe cartoons were of a much higher quality than many of the other shows and it holds up pretty well.

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