6-WHEELED ATV (2010)

Joe-ATV fullG. I. JOE

I had originally planned to cover the Land Adventurer and his 6 wheeled ATV in a single review but I rambled on so much in my last post that I decided I’d better split it up.

Each of the three Collector’s Club exclusive Adventure Team sets that I acquired recently included one carded figure and one small vehicle.  The vehicles were basically loose (taped to some cardboard) inside the wooden crate style outer packaging.  I’ve always liked G.I. Joe vehicles but the figures themselves are what held the most appeal to me.  As an adult collector I simply don’t have the room for vehicles so I avoid purchasing them whenever I can.  That was one of the main reasons why I didn’t purchase these Adventure Team sets sooner.  Had they been slightly cheaper and consisted solely of the carded figure then I would have bought them ages ago. Joe-ATV front

However, now that I have the figures and vehicles in hand I’m quite pleased with them all.  The submarine packaged with the Sea Adventurer is pretty neat looking but it’s the one I have the least use for.  The helicopter that came with the Air Adventurer is a re-deco’ed Cobra FANG which is sweet as I love that vehicle and I recently discovered that my original ’83 FANG is busted up beyond repair.  The Land Adventurer, who was the subject of my last post, came with this stumpy little yellow contraption here, the 6-wheeled All Terrain Vehicle.Joe-ATV retro

This vehicle is supposed to represent the 6 wheeled yellow bathtub that the old 12″ Adventure team used to ride around in.  The two vehicles really don’t look much alike other than the fact that they’re both yellow and have 6 wheels, but I’m fine with that.  I’m too young to have any nostalgic ties to the original figures but I do appreciate the lengths that the club went to to create homage vehicles.  This vehicle was originally called the Battle Blitz when it was released during the new sculpt era in 2003.  it was kind of a crappy vehicle then and I passed on it.  I assume it was chosen to be re-used for the Adventure team solely because it has 6 wheels thus able to replicate the look of the classic vehicle to some degree. Joe-ATV back

I actually quite like the result.  Painting this crappy hunk of plastic yellow and slapping the Adventure Team logo on the front does it a world of good.  I can totally see 8 year old me playing with this thing in my mom’s garden.  Sometimes the smallest vehicles can be the most fun.

Other than the spinning wheels this vehicle also has an adjustable antennae in the back and a front blast shield that can be flipped up or down.  There are some buttons on it as well but they don’t do anything, they’re just remnants from this mold’s days as the Battle Blitz which had a “sound attack” feature.

One cool thing I discovered about the ATV is that the front opens up and there are two crates full of weapons inside.  How cool is that?  The Adventure Team can use this bad boy for smuggling operation should they feel so inclined.  I really think that this vehicle hits the mark as far as being a fun retro throwback to the 70s.  Pretty neat.  5 out of 10.Joe-ATV gunsJoe-ATV hatch



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  1. part 2 yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna drive this

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