Marv-Iron man shield fullMARVEL UNIVERSE : IRON MAN 2

I think I’ve talked about my nephews on here before but just to remind you, I have 6 awesome nephews.  No nieces.  It seems that my clan is only able to produce males.  My youngest sister just got married in August though (congrats Katie) so perhaps she’ll be the first to bring some young ladies into the family.  Until that time all I have are little dudes to hang out with at family get togethers and that’s cool with me.  I love answering their questions about the Marvel Universe and educating them in the merits of G.I. Joe.  I got them hooked on the Godzilla video game on Gamecube and that’s all they want to play when they come to my apartment (which is good…keeps them out of the man cave).  It’s pretty cool listening to a room full of kids debate whether Rodan can defeat Megalon in combat. I recently took Carter, who’s 6, to see Pacific Rim in the theater and I very much enjoyed watching his reaction to the giant monster fights.   It was like the Godzilla game come to life and he was loving it.  I can’t wait to take him to see the actual Godzilla film when it comes out next year.Marv-Iron man shield carded

Carter’s little brother, Ty, was born with 4 holes in his heart and had a really rough go of things when he first came into this world.  He had to undergo some pretty serious surgery which was stressful for everybody.  Luckily it went well and Ty came out of it in fantastic shape.  He’s been a charming bundle of energy ever since. You’d never know that he ever had any problems except for the large scar on his chest that serves as a reminder.  Anyway, my sister celebrates Ty’s successful surgery every year with what she calls a “heart party” which is almost like a second birthday for the kid. This past weekend was Ty’s heart party and on our way out to my sister’s place, Vanessa and I stopped at the mall to find him a present.  The problem is, I have a hard time buying a present for just 1 nephew when I know there will be a 3 other envious kids looking on. (Two of my nephews live a province over and I don’t see them quite as much.  The other four, two belonging to my brother Doug and 2 belonging to my sister Angie are always around).  So I had to find relatively inexpensive presents for all four of them.  My first stop in the mall was at Winners, a discount department store, and I lucked out right away.  They had Iron Man 2 figures for $5 apiece.

Me with my sister's kids, Ty and Carter.

Me with my sister’s kids, Ty and Carter.

My nephews all love Iron Man so getting each of them a variation of his armour seemed like a sure fire way to please everyone.  I picked up one that closely resembled Ultimate Iron Man with Carter in mind.  He’d previously told me how cool he thought my Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man figure was so this was perfect.  I picked up a translucent red one for Alex as that seemed like something he’d be into because I know he’s a fan of unique play features (Doug has turned him into quite a vintage MOTU fan).  I grabbed a purple and black armored Iron man for Ty mostly because it was really cool looking.  Luke is only one year old so a 3 inch Iron Man with a firing missile didn’t seem like a good idea for him.  I opted to get him a Despicable Me figure that wouldn’t be so easy for him to swallow.  I did however pick up a fourth Iron Man figure because Uncle Mike needs something to play with too, right?Marv-Iron man shield back

I’m not proud to admit it but while gazing over my Iron Man figures while waiting in the checkout line I began thinking that it would be cool to have them all in my plexi-glass Marvel Universe wall display.  It would be like my own little Hall of Armour.  Maybe I could keep them all for myself and grab different presents for the boys elsewhere.  Vanessa convinced me to give them to my nephews as planned and I’m glad I did because they were a huge success at the party.  The boys were flying their new Iron Mans all over the house and missiles were launching everywhere.  I had to crawl under a bush in the front yard and take Carter’s bunk bed apart in order to retrieve lost missiles before I left. Marv-Iron man shield full2

This silver and gold Iron Man is the one that I kept for myself.  I can’t say what it is exactly that appealed to me about it but as soon as I looked at this figure I knew I wanted to add it to my collection.  I usually don’t care for  figures of super heroes in silly or redundant costumes; those days are largely behind me.  What do I need a Deep-Sea Spider-Man for? Or an Arctic Attack Batman?  I understand that the toy companies need to find new and creative ways to keep rehashing the hero of any given toy line but I certainly don’t need to buy them.  But every now and again I take a liking to a weird costume I see on a toy, even if it’s something that the character has never worn in the comics or movies.  Desert Captain America is a good example.  That’s what happened with this Iron Man.  There’s nothing really special about it; it’s just something I haven’t seen before.

Marv-Iron man shieldsI’m pretty sure that this figure is a straight repaint of the standard red and gold Iron Man movie figure but I actually didn’t own a movie accurate Iron Man toy before so that makes this figure seem more unique amongst my many comic accurate Iron Man figures.  The sculpt is very nice with plenty of little details and the articulation is great.  It’s far superior to the crappy 3 inch figures that were released in conjunction with Iron Man 3.  Plus this toy feels solid and durable unlike many of the figures in the compatible Marvel Universe line.  This is a great toy and I’m surprised at how much i like it.  It’s actually got me thinking that maybe I really should work on building up my Iron Man Hall of Armour.  8 out of 10.


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  1. Even when I was a kid I hated figures with “silly costumes”. If it wasn’t accurate to what was seen on the page or on the screen I wasn’t interested for the most part. Maybe that’s why I never had any other version of He-Man of Skeletor. But if any character can get away with different “specialty” costumes it’s Iron Man. Which reminds me I need to find a Hulk Buster Iron Man for my Hulk shelf.

    • I agree with you though I used to collect as many stupid Spider-Man variations as I could out of sheer boredom and there being few toys available that interested me at the time. I later got rid of them but now that I have this blog I wish I hadn’t.

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