A short while ago I reviewed a cutesy little Duke figure produced by the Loyal Subjects.  I assume their G.I. Joe line must have been a success because they quickly followed it up with a Transformers line.  Just like the Joes, the Transformers figures come in small blind packed boxes so you never know what figure you’re getting inside.  That’s all well and good for Kinder Surprises but let me reiterate how ludicrous I think that is for figures priced at 15 bucks.  That’s a lot of cash to spend blindly only to potentially get a double of a figure you already have.  For that reason I don’t plan on collecting these Loyal Subject lines.  Drop the price down to $5 and then we’ll talk.  Because truthfully that’s all I feel these toys are worth anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re super cool but unique sculpting is minimal, accessories are few, articulation is nominal and paint apps are limited.  I’m sure these things can’t be too expensive to produce, at least in comparison to much more elaborate toys which sell for the same price point. TF-LS Thunder back

Complaints aside, I do like the look of these toys.  When the Transformers line was released I decided to purchase one.  Any more than that and I risked pissing my money away on a double.  My regular shop, Strange Adventures, has them available and I figured I would eventually buy one on a cheap comic week.  However I was in Giant Robot Comics the other day, the cool little shop across the bridge, and they had them opened and labelled.  I was glad to have this option of choosing my character so I picked one up there.  You may recall from my Quick Kick review that GRC had labelled their blind packed Kre-O figures as well which was appreciated. (I should mention it was actually my pal Glenn who labelled the Kre-Os before selling then to the shop.  He pointed this out after I praised the staff of GRC staff for going the extra mile in my previous review)  While The labelling is great because it allows you to avoid getting doubles, there is a negative side to it as well…people buy up all the good characters. TF-LS Thunder side

Giant Robot was all out of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as you might expect but I didn’t mind.  I was hoping for Grimlock or Shockwave but they were both sold out as well.  My options were few.  Luckily I have an appreciation for just about every G1 Transformer so I was content to buy Thundercracker.

Thundercracker is one of the seeker jets lead by Starscream.  There was Ramjet, Dirge, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and my favorite Thrust.  All of them looked the exact same but had different color schemes, personalities, and abilities.  Thrust was the only Seeker I owned as a kid; I liked his black and maroon color scheme the best.  However Thrust is probably the least developed of the bunch.  A couple of the other seekers have really shined in the comic books published by IDW.  In the Marvel comics of the 80s there were all pretty interchangeable.  In the IDW books Thundercracker has broken away from the Decepticons and is hiding out alone on Earth where he has actually served as an ally to Bumblebee.   He’s become a multi-faceted character instead of just a Starscream repaint.  I cannot recommend the IDW Transformers comic books enough, great stuff. TF-LS Thunder together

This figure serves as a nice cutesy version of the sonic boom inducing Decepticon.  The head is great and would actually make for excellent custom fodder were you to attempt building a 12” Thundercracker.  It’s not as cartoony and stylized as the Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe heads.  The body is simple and much more angular than the rounded Joe bodies.  The paint job replicates the look of G1 Thundercracker quite well.  He’s got snap on wings and a laser pistol for accessories.  One of the pegs on his right wing didn’t line up with the pre-drilled holes on his back and I had to snap it off in order to get the other peg in.  Kind of a piss off but it stays in place pretty firmly even with only 1 peg. I am a fan of this figure which will soon find a home on my desk at work with Duke and Snake Eyes.  When they eventually repaint this guy into all of the other seekers I might seek them out myself, at least Thrust.  7 out of 10.


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  1. Am I going to get a credit for every kreo label mention? I have this whole wave of TFs but still need a Snake Eyes from the Joe series if you see one.

  2. Nope, Darryl was responsible for those lol. Cool about SE. I have the San Diego exclusive Loyal Subject joes as well. The Glow in the Dark SE is hilarious and awesome.

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