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(Note: This toy is at my work desk so I had to use my crap camera phone to take pictures.  I jacked a couple decent pics off the net)

You may recall that I reviewed a Darth Maul figure not too long ago.  What inspired me to review that particular figure was the fact that I was recently in Toys R Us and saw Hasbro’s new line of super detailed 6” Star Wars figures and I was very tempted to purchase Darth Maul.  After some pondering cooler heads prevailed and I didn’t purchase it, I just came home and reviewed one of my old Darth Maul figures.

The reason I didn’t let myself buy the new one was because I already have a ton of Star Wars figures and they’re all boxed up in my storage room.  I collected the figures feverishly in the late 90s and early 2000s but I’ve been pretty over Star Wars for a good decade or so.  I saw no reason to get lulled back in.  Unfortunately, the power of the force is hard to resist. SW-Greedo face

In the weeks since I saw that 6” Darth Maul figure, Star Wars has been creeping back into my consciousness. It started with Strange Adventures (my local comic shop) posting on facebook that they had acquired a collection of vintage Star Wars figures and were selling them for a few bucks a piece.  I don’t buy much in the way of vintage figures so I didn’t pay much attention to the post at the time.  However, once I was in the shop the following Wednesday buying my weekly comic haul I couldn’t help but rifle through the box of loose figures on the counter.  As kids Doug and I owned most of the vintage Star Wars collection between us but we sold most of them off at yard sales when we hit our tweens.  The massive collection of SW figures that I have  presently consists of late 90s figures.  The only vintage figures I retained were Walrus Man and Ree-Yees, and maybe a couple others.  Looking through the box at Strange Adventures made me miss those old, often goofy looking, vintage figures.  I decided that I may as well buy a couple of them to display on my work desk.  I bought Greedo, Bossk, Hammerhead, and Nien Nunb.  I was actually quite surprised that so many cool aliens remained unsold.

SW-Greedo group

The following week the first softcover collection of Dark Horse’s new Star Wars comic book was released.  Dark Horse has been publishing Star Wars comics for years and I never picked any of them up but this new series had a lot of hype with its release.  It’s an ongoing series set during the original trilogy.  I picked it up, read through it that first night and loved it.  It reminded me why I liked Star Wars so much back in the day; pre-prequels.

I went back to Strange the next day and bought 5 more vintage figures, Han, Chewie, Snaggletooth, 2-1B, and General Madine.  With nine new-to-me figures and a cool new comic book series to collect I fear that I’ve been pulled back in.  I no longer think I have the strength to resist that 6” Darth Maul when next we meet. SW-Greedo Obama

In the meantime, allow me to review one of my new vintage purchases.  This is Greedo, the Rodian bounty hunter who gets smoked by Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina.  I’ve always loved Greedo.  He could have easily been my favorite character from the original trilogy if I had owned this toy as a kid.  Doug owned this Greedo when we were young so I viewed him as one of Doug’s characters.  I felt the same way about Bossk and Hammerhead.  I loved all of those figures but Doug owned them so I never developed a personal connection to the characters the way I did with characters which I did own the figures of, like Walrus Man and Ree-Yees.

I like that the figures produced in the 90s and onward more closely resemble the characters as they actually appeared on screen.  My 90s Greedo figure has a muted green suit, a vest and brown shoes. Even better, more accurate, Greedo figures have been produced in the decade since I bought that one I’m sure.  Yet, as much as I appreciate the attention to detail, there is an undeniable charm to the completely inaccurate toys produced in the 80s.  This vintage Greedo is amazing.

Yep, I have a rolodex.

Yep, I have a rolodex.

I absolutely love the sculpt of this figure.  The head is amazingly detailed with lots of bumps and ridges.  There’s a lot going on on a Rodian’s head: pointy ears, weird mohawk, antennas,  buggy eyes, and a snout; and this figures captures them all beautifully.  The solid black eyes of the 90s version were more film accurate but the big blue eyes with white pupils make this Greedo kind of adorable.

Greedo’s lime green unitard isn’t as far off from his screen appearance as was the case with other characters like Walrus Man.  His ribbed coil onesy is awesome.  It’s just so damn retro.  It looks like something out of Buck Rogers or an old Star Trek.  This Greedo would actually fit in nicely with my Outer Space Men figures who themselves are classic sci-fi camp.  The two-toned green paint job really pops and draws your eyes to this figure.

The mere 5-points of articulation is  kind of weak but also part of the figures charm.  It’s date stamped 1978 so it’s as old as I am.  I think I can forgive it for being a little dated in design.  Love it.  10 out of 10.SW-Greedo shelf


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  1. Greedo on Obama’s lap rules.

  2. Greedo was one of my first SW figures as a kid. He’s one of my favorites from the line now. I’m liking what I’m seeing of the new 6″ line. But am waiting to see if they bring out more characters I’m interested in. An IG-88 or 2-1B in that scale would be instant buys for me. I’d also like to get some of the Gentle Giant 12″ versions of the vintage line but the price is a bit steep for my liking.

  3. remember in your Darth Maul review you linked to your Walrus Man review and I mentioned in the comments on it that Greedo is my favorite SW character? I cannot begin to describe the thrill it is to see the poor aiming bounty hunter being covered here now! 😀 and IMO his neon green retro sci-fi fame retardant space togs on this vintage are the best he ever looked, far better, I wish this had been his wardrobe in the movie. I love this look for Greedo so much I had to use it for this

    I would never spend the the money on a jumbo 12″ vintage GG figure but if I were to Greedo would be the one I’d need.

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