The first wave of Battle Beast figures contained most of the “popular” animals.  The kind of animals you would immediately think to place on a team of animal warriors such as lions, tigers, and bears. By the third and fourth waves Takara seemed to be running out of ideas because we started getting some really strange animals and a lot of repeats as well.  The second wave was cool because it was still full of fresh ideas and easily identifiable animals, only they tended to be the types of animals you would be less likely to place on a team of animal warriors.  The second wave had a seahorse, a flying squirrel, and a squid.  One of the least-warrior looking of the bunch was this guy, Run Amuck Duck, whom I called Battle Duck.BB-Duck card

I live quite close to a park and I see ducks on a regular basis. Growing up in the Canadian suburbs I never felt like my life was lacking ducks, they were around.  And yet the ducks I encounter are never yellow.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a yellow duck, just ducklings.  So why is it that every time you see a toy duck, be it a bath toy or a battle beast, the duck is yellow?  Maybe Run Amuck is supposed to be a duckling but that seems kind of weird and it would change the way I view him entirely. BB-Duck back

In my Battle Beast universe Battle Duck was a member of the good guy team lead by Battle Rhino.  He was a skilled fighter and a respected member of the team.  I don’t recall giving him any quirky personality traits; he was a pretty straight forward guy.

The sculpt on this figure is a nice one.  Despite the yellow color the head is very realistic looking, much more so than most rubber ducks who tend to have big blue eyes and smiles.  This is the face of a duck that means business.  If his cold stare isn’t indication enough that this isn’t a duck to be trifled with then maybe his bladed hand will get the point across.  Many Battle Beast figures had one weaponized hand.  On some it looked like a prosthetic while on others like Ducky here is looks like an extension of his actual arm, like a mutation.  I never put much thought into where they got these weaponized hands but I suppose you could assume they volunteered to get them.  Maybe duck knew that he didn’t stand much of a chance at victory if he found himself fighting a grizzly bear on the battle field so he promptly signed up for biological enhancement.  Makes sense. BB-Duck blade

There’s nothing else about the mold that really stands out but I do like his webbed feet and little duck tail.  The blue armor and orange accents work well with the base yellow.  I’m not sure what the deal is with his sword/axe weapon.  It’s one of the weirder weapons in the line but I like it.  8 out of 10.BB-Duck side


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