Just a few posts ago I reviewed a Mysterio figure from the Marvel Universe line.  In that review I pondered whether Mysterio would be my last MU purchase considering the line’s impending demise.  Well within days of writing those words I found myself with 4 new Marvel Universe figures.  Technically one of them, Kurse, is from the “Thor: The Dark Ages” toy line but he’s compatible with the MU figures.  The other figures I picked up were the duo of Cloak & Dagger, who have long been favorites of mine, and one of two possible Abominations.  I passed on the new Iron Man because his new armour is stupid and Wolverine because Wolverine’s been done to death.  I was disappointed that Strange Adventures didn’t have both Abominations in stock but one is better than none. Marv-Abomb face

The green Abomination is long time Hulk Villain, Emil Blonsky.  You can read about him in my review of the excellent Marvel Select Abomination figure.  I don’t usually buy Marvel figures in the larger scales of “Legends” and “Select” but that Abomination was too cool to pass up.  But as great as that figure is, it does not negate my need for a 4 inch Abomination to scale with the rest of my massive collection of Marvel Universe figures.  I’ll just have to keep checking my local Toys R Us and Wal-Mart in hopes of finding him eventually. Marv-Abomb art


The Abomination that Strange Adventures did have in stock was the blue one.  Now I don’t know if the blue one was the only one available because he’s the standard release and the Green is a chase variant (forgive my collector jargon) or if it’s simple because the blue Abomination is less desirable.  While the green, Emil Blonsky, Abomination has been a fan favorite villain since the 1960s, the blue one who goes by the name A-Bomb appeared for the first time just a few years ago.  He was actually introduced in the same storyline that brought us the Red Hulk.

I initially wasn’t keen on A-Bomb.  First off I thought his name was just plain obnoxious but it has kind of grown on me.  At least Marvel gave him his own name instead of just calling him blue Abomination.  It annoys the hell out of me that they were too lazy to give the new red characters unique names.  Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk have got to be the worst super hero names ever.  For a while fans took to calling the Red Hulk “Rulk” which is still stupid but infinitely better than Red Hulk.  So in regards to the name A-Bomb I’ve grown to like it because it ties him to the original Abomination and in a cheesy way it’s actually kind of clever. Marv-Abomb back

Another reason that I wasn’t initially keen on this new Abomination is because they killed off the old one which made this new guy seem like a cheap replacement.  I’m not sure whether the original Abomination has been resurrected yet or not but if he hasn’t I’m sure he will be soon.  Nobody in comics stays dead for long.  I was also disappointed by the reveal that the new A-Bomb was actually Rick Jones, long time sidekick of the green Hulk (Do you see what they’ve done with their stupid naming or lack thereof?  Forced me to specify “Green” Hulk.  Lame).  I’ve never been an avid Hulk reader and don’t know a whole lot about Rick Jones but he always struck me as annoying in that Jimmy Olsen kind of way.

One aspect of this new Abomination that I find interesting is that he’s a good guy.  It was a secret cabal of Hulk villains that transformed Rick into A-Bomb thinking they would be able to control him and force him to destroy Hulk, but Rick’s good nature won out and he became an ally of the Hulk instead.Marv-Abomb cover

The biggest plus that A-Bomb has going for him was that he first appeared in a storyline drawn by the brilliant Ed McGuinness. Ed can make me like any character.  His art is what drew me to the Hulk books for the first time ever and got me hooked on these new takes of established characters.  This figure does an okay job at capturing Ed’s art style but not as effectively as the Red Hulk or Batman/Superman figures did.  I think that’s partly because Hasbro cheaped out on the tooling of this toy, enabling them to use the same parts for both Abominations.  In the comics A-Bomb is much more heavily armored than the Blonsky Abomination, kind of like an armadillo, and that doesn’t come across on this figure.  What the designers have done to differentiate the characters is give them unique head sculpts and A-Bomb has some added armor on his wrists.  Those two minor changes actually go a long way in making them look like different toys.  Not to mention the rich aqua blue that A-Bomb has been molded in which looks great; it’s a very comic book-esque color.

All in all this is a pretty darn good figure.  He’s thick and durable and posable unlike the skinnier Marvel Universe figures that tend to be delicate and awkward to pose.  My new Cloak & Dagger for example are both pretty gimpy.  I’d say go out and grab yourself one of these figures if can find it.  9 out of 10.Marv-Abomb jeep


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  1. Nice figure. I’d like to get him for my Hulk focus. like A-Bomb well enough that I’d like to see him get his own series. That would probably be the only way we’d see him lately the way the Hulk book is going.

  2. Yeah Hulk is a SHIELD agent now. I like the concept but so far the stories have left me pretty underwhelmed. You know it’s bad when I prefer Thor’s book over Hulk.

    • Thor is the one NOW book that I know I’ll be picking up. Which is weird because like Hulk I was never really into him as a kid. I came on board with Straczynski’s run and got invested in the character. I’m curious to see what Jason Aaron is doing with him now.

  3. I MUST OWN THIS FIGURE! I must find it first. But this is an absolutely necessary addition to my collection. Rick Jones as a Hulk-y bruiser? shit yes.

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