BATROS (2013)


The Masters of the Universe Classics line has been around for a couple of years now.  Nearly all of the figures from the vintage toy line have now been released in the Classics style.  In order for Mattel to extend the life of the line and throw fans a few surprises before its eventual end they’ve taken to adding new and never before released characters to the line. Last year they had a 6 figure subset called the 30th anniversary series which only featured newly created characters like Draego-Man, Mighty Spector, and Fearless Photog.  This year’s 6 figure subset focuses on characters who appeared in the old MOTU cartoon produced by Filmation but who never received a vintage action figure.  Not long ago I reviewed the first figure in the Filmation series, Icer.  Today I have for you the third figure from the subset, Batros. MOTUC-Batros toon

When I first heard that Mattel would be focusing on Filmmation characters in 2013 I was only mildly interested.  I loved the cartoon as a kid but find it pretty unbearable to watch as an adult.  I picked up the “Top 10” episodes box set years ago but couldn’t even get through that.  For that reason I passed on buying the complete season box sets.  As neat as they’d be to own as a collector it just wouldn’t be worth my money to buy DVDs that I’d likely never watch.  Since I haven’t seen most episodes of the show since I was a little kid I don’t really remember any of the Filmation characters who never appeared in toy form.  When I saw Icer he vaguely rang a bell but it wasn’t familiarity or nostalgia that made me want him, I just thought he was a cool toy.  When it comes to Batros he doesn’t look familiar to me at all.  I have zero recollection of the one episode that he apparently appeared in where he stole a bunch of magical books or something.  All I know about him I read online in preparation of writing this blog.  But like Icer, he was just too damn cool to pass up. MOTUC-Batros back

He’s kind of a weird blend of Barbarian, monster, and super-villain.  I could totally picture this guy in an episode of Scooby Doo or Space Ghost, he reeks of Hanna-Barbara style silliness.  Like, what’s his deal?  Is he a bat, or a guy, or a guy dressed like a bat?  The fact that he’s purple skinned and hairless over most of his body leads me to believes that the furry blue cowl is a fashion choice instead of an evolutionary trait.  But would an evil book collecting bad guy really wear a hat with ears like he was some Japanese Manga-fangirl.  And if it is his actually furry head, did he shave the rest of his body? MOTUC-Batros side face

These unanswered questions make the character extremely interesting to me.  I think that if I had owned a figure of this guy as a kid he would’ve been one of my favorites.  While I didn’t like the superhero elements of Mighty Spector’s design I love the super villain aspects of Batros.  The sculpt is great, the colors are great, the joints are solid, Spikor’s repainted mace suits him well, all-in-all it’s just a great figure.  Sometimes toy collecting can be frustrating because of how much money it costs and how hard some figures are to find but figures like Batros remind me why I do it, they’re fun.  10 out of 10.MOTUC-Batros faceMOTUC-Batros toon books


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  1. um. huh. yeahhh. ok then. riiiight…

    I too find the old MOTU cartoon is unwatchable now as adult.

    But I dig the 2002 toon.

  2. I don’t remember him either. But he looks cool. The old cartoon is pretty bad to watch now. I tried when it was on Teletoon Retro and couldn’t do it. The 2002 cartoon in on Netflix and I’ve watched the first 4-5 episodes and I like it pretty well.

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