Joe Kreo-Snow job fullG. I. JOE / KRE-O

Yesterday I reviewed one of my major Hal-Con purchases, Snake Mountain.  Today I had planned on reviewing my other major purchase, an electronic Godzilla.  However, yesterday’s post ran a little long and I feel that Godzilla could run long too so I decided to break it up with a short and sweet review.  Today I’ll be looking at Snow Job from wave 2 of the G.I. Joe Kre-O blind packs.  Kre-Os of the Transformers variety can be found just about everywhere these days.  Unfortunately the G.I. Joe themed sets and figures are exclusive to Toys R Us.  There’s only one Toys R Us in my area and even that one isn’t easily accessible to a guy like me who doesn’t drive.  I never found wave 1 of the blind packs at Toys R us and to this day only have about half of the figures.  When my pal Andrew notified me that he spotted wave 2 at Toys R Us a while back I sent Vanessa over to grab me whatever they had.  I was delighted to find out they had the entire wave, including the Cobra Eel I recently reviewed.  Toy hunting can be fun sometimes but it can also be very satisfying to snatch up an entire wave of new figures in one fell swoop and be done with it. Joe Kreo-Snow job art

Like the Eel, and most of the Kre-O figures for that matter, this block figure is is an excellent representation of the vintage 3  3/4″ figure.  The Joe team’s original Arctic Trooper was first released way back in  1983.  All of the details from that 80s figure are present here (on the front at least.  The backs of these figures still leave a lot to be desired).  Snow Job’s belt, shoulder straps, breast pockets and shoulder pouches, which were sculpted on the original figure, are all recreated here simply with paint.  He’s got his signature orange beard and big black goggles.  This tiny figure even one-ups it’s predecessor by having a removable hood.Joe Kreo-Snow job back

All of the vintage figure’s accessories are represented here as well.  He’s got his rifle, skis, ski poles, and backpack.  The poles can be stored on the backpack just like in the good old days but for some reason they failed to make the backpack able to store the skis as well.  I’m not sure why they would have omitted this crucial feature as I’m sure it would have been easy enough to replicate with the inclusion of a single brick.  Instead the pack has some weird circular piece on the back which I haven’t figured out yet.Joe Kreo-Snow job side



This is an excellent figure and I really hope this line lasts long enough for me to get Lego-ized versions of all my favorite G.I. Joe characters.  8 out of 10.

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