I know I said I’d review Godzilla in my next post but I’ve been very busy both at work and at home and I just haven’t had time to write up that review. But instead of posting nothing at all I figured I’d throw up another quickie review akin to the Kre-O Snow Job I reviewed the other day.

I bought 3 items at Hal-Con this year: Snake Mountain, Godzilla, and the Funko Pop! Hordak.  The first 2 items were exciting vintage finds while the Hordak was simply a case of me wanting to blow a little bit of money.  These Pop! figurines are everywhere right now.  All of the local comic shops are bursting with them and they can also be found at novelty stores and even HMV.  When the first ones were released I liked them right away but didn’t want to get into collecting them.  I figured they’d end up another short-lived cutesy fad like Might Muggs or Blammoids.  While I suspect the Loyal Subjects line will fade into cutesy obscurity I’ve come to accept that these Pop! figures might be here to stay, at least for a while.  The line keeps expanding into new properties and I find myself wanting more and more of them.  I already have Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Rocky, Ivan Drago, the Rocketeer, and a flying monkey on my desk at work.  I’ve been tempted to pick up the Sex Pistols, the Ninja Turtles, Robo-Cop and others.  BigBadToyStore recently began taking pre-orders for an Iron Giant  figure which I will most definitely be getting.Pop-Hordak toon

A couple of months ago Funko added Masters of the Universe to their Pop! line.  The first wave consisted of a few of the brands top dogs like He-Man, Skeletor, and Hordak, and an odd choice to round out the wave, Spikor .  I wanted to buy them all but Pop! figures present a slippery slope, if I start collecting full waves of them I’ll soon have hundreds of the damn things.  So far I’ve been buying them sparingly.Pop-Hordak compare



Most places sell Pop! figurines for between $10 and $14 plus tax.  Multiple vendors were selling them at Hal-Con for $10 flat so it seemed a fine time to add a new one to my stable. Of the four MOTU options Hordak was the clear front runner for me.  Not only does he look super cool (and cute) but this is the first ever cartoon-based Hordak figure.  In the 80s He-Man and She-Ra cartoons Hordak had a blue outfit with a white face just like this toy does.  All the previous action figure incarnations of the character have changed up his look to appear darker and more skeletal/bat like.  I’ve always like those figures, my MOTU Classics one pictured here is awesome, but it is nice to see the ruthless leader of the Horde in his Filmation hues for once.Pop-Hordak mountain

This figure is both adorable and cool.  I like him so much that I’m certain I have doomed myself to pick up the other 3 MOTU offerings eventually.  I really hope Funko produces more waves as I’d love to get a Pop! versions of Mer-Man, Trap-Jaw, and so many others. As an added bonus, this little Hordak is more to scale with my newly acquired Snake Mountain than even the vintage figures were.  9 out of 10.


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  1. Hordak has always been cooler than Skeletor.

    that figure is adorable lol

    • I hesitate to say cooler than Skeletor but the entire Horde made for an excellent secondary team of villains for He-Man. I just got my Classics Mantenna in this week which i shall be reviewing soon. it’s wicked.

  2. I’ve managed to keep the POP! craze under control so far. I think I have maybe six of them. But every time they release a new line I catch myself thinking “Oh cool. I need those ones”. Damn plastic people.

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