JINX v.7 (2013)

Joe_jinx v7 fullG. I. JOE : RETALIATION

For a year in which a live-action G.I. Joe movie was released (an excellent one at that) Hasbro’s Joe figure output has been pretty abysmal. The movie is based on a toy line for god sake and Hasbro didn’t seem to think they needed to put out any toys based on the film.  Sure, there were a few but good luck finding them at retail.  I understand that things got a little screwed up when the film’s release date got pushed back nearly a year but if anything you’d think that would’ve given Hasbro more time to tool up more figures.  In my area the only Joe toys that can be found at retail is Retaliation wave 1 ; the same figures that have been available for a year and a half.  I had to buy waves 2, 3, and 4 online.  It’s a real shame too because there have been some excellent figures included in those later waves which I’m sure would’ve garnered attention from kids and adult collector’s alike.  Wave 4 is the final wave of Retaliation based toys and it consists of only 3 figures.  Hasbro could have easily opted to cancel this final wave completely given the lack of support from retailers but thankfully they didn’t because all 3 figures are fantastic.  I ordered wave 4 from BigBadToyStore quite some time ago but it’s been sitting in my “pile of loot” waiting to be shipped.  BBTS offers the pile of loot service in case you choose to stock up multiple purchases and have them shipped out together to save on shipping charges.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting BBTS to stock something else of interest to me so that I could bundle it with wave 4 for shipping. Their Black Friday sale finally gave me an opportunity to scoop up a few things so that my pile of loot was large enough that the shipping charges leveled out to a price I was comfortable with.  The package arrived on Friday.  Some of the stuff went directly under the tree but I couldn’t resist opening the Joes as I’ve been waiting patiently for them for months. Joe-Jinx v7 face

I was pretty torn when it came to deciding which figure to review first.  All 3 are great for unique reasons.  I ultimately decided to review Jinx but you can expect Night Viper and Blind Master reviews very soon.

Growing up I was a huge fan of Jinx.  I tended to like all of the female characters but Zarana and Jinx most of all.  The original Jinx figure was released in 1987. She was the cousin of Storm Shadow and she was decked out from head to toe in red, including a full face mask . When her face was revealed in the G.I. Joe animated movie I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.  The short spiky black hair isn’t how I imagined her to look under that mask.  However, I loved her attitude in the movie which solidified her as a strong character in my mind. This was no damsel in distress. Jinx was one of those Joes who never got killed when I played.  She was always one of the last soldiers standing.Joe-Jinx v7 kick

When the G.I. Joe brand was revived in 2002 Jinx was one of the characters I was most looking forward to getting a new version of. It took a couple of years but a “new sculpt” Jinx was released in 2004.  I had mixed feelings about that figure.  Her look and been completely revamped.  She had a long black ponytail, a red blindfold, and a skirted black and red outfit with white bandages on her shins and forearms.  It wasn’t a bad look but it was too far removed from the Jinx I grew up with for my liking.

With the dawn of the modern era in 2007 I had my fingers crossed for a new version of Jinx in her classic outfit.  However the years came and went and no Jinx figure was ever released. Luckily the Collector’s Club finally came through where Hasbro had failed me and announced that there would be a Jinx figure included in their first ever Figure Subscription Service (FSS) in 2012.  The FSS Jinx was pretty cool but her design was based on the new-sculpt look as opposed to the classic red ninja outfit I had been hoping for.  Regardless of her outfit, that Jinx figure was the main reason I signed up for the FSS.  The Club ran into some issues launching the FSS and the shipments were delayed for several months.  During that time it was announced that Jinx would appear in the upcoming live-action Joe sequel and that a classic red pajama version ( and a white pajama unmasked variant) would be released as 2012 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusives.  Suddenly everything was coming up Jinx.Joe-Jinx v7 back

That SDCC Jinx was everything I’d been hoping for.  Classic outfit, great sculpt, great paint, and great accessories.  The only problem I had with her was that she was an SDCC exclusive and I’ve kept my SDCC exclusives from the past few years sealed in the packages.  I was very tempted to open Jinx as my Joe shelf badly needed her but the FSS version arrived in the mail around the same time and that was the one I ultimately decided to open for display; that way my SDCC exclusive collection could remain carded. Still, it was kind of a shame to leave that excellent masked Jinx figure on her card.

Luckily it wasn’t long before Hasbro revealed that they would be releasing a repainted version of the SDCC Jinx in their Retaliation line; and here she is.  Jinx didn’t get to do a whole lot in the theatrical cut of Retaliation but if check out the extended cut her story line is probably the one that benefits the most from the added footage.  I though Elodie Yung was a fine Jinx and I hope we get to see more of her in the 3rd film. Elodie wore multiple outfits in Retaliation but probably her most memorable was the yellow outfit from the mountain kidnap scene so understandably that was the outfit Hasbro went with.  I assume they put her in yellow during that scene so that she wouldn’t be confused for one of the many other red ninjas zipping around. I liked the yellow.  It was a drastic change from her classic red outfit but it had a cool Kill Bill/Bruce Lee vibe to it and besides, Jinx had a chance to wear red during the training scenes. Joe-Jinx v7 movie

This figure retains all of the elements I loved about it the first time around.  It’s cool and feminine.  The only thing that’s changed about the actual figure is the paint job.  Hasbro has done an excellent job at recreating the look of her mountain climbing outfit.  It’s not 100% screen accurate but it’s certainly a close enough approximation.  If you scrutinize this figure closely you can tell that the paint job doesn’t match up to the sculpt.  There are some unpainted seams and her belt is crooked which are carry-overs from the mold original’s purpose to recreate Jinx’s loose fitting ninja pajamas from the 80s.  I find that to be a minor issue though.  Overall I think the paint looks great and it hides the seams well.  My only complaint about the figure is that he hands don’t grip her weapons very well.

Speaking of weapons Jinx has a lot of them.  She has a backpack which holds her two swords,  2 sais, 2 axes, her classic staff, some brass knuckle thingies,  nunchuks , and a rope sliding contraption that allows you to recreate the mountain scene.  It’s a ton of stuff that really add a lot of play value to this figure if you’re lucky enough to find one.  This is an awesome figure and best of all it gives fans who couldn’t afford the SDCC version a chance to own a convention exclusive at a reasonable price.  9 out of 10.Joe-Jinx v7 weapons



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  1. Wow Quite an impressive looking figure.

    • It’s not a bad idea to consider this figure an updated Vypra. Hadn’t considered that.

      • It’s not at all accurate to the 1998 figure but I don’t care because this is so not Jinx that it has to be someone else and I’m a huge fan of the lady V. maybe the Club will officially update her someday but if not or until then, this works amazingly.

      • It would be quite easy to turn this into an accurate Vypra with a bit of black paint. I actually like this look for Jinx as it distinguishes her from the red ninjas of which I have many.

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