I’ve always been a fan of “Masters of the Universe”.  I was there buying the vintage toys (well technically my parents were) way back at the line’s inception in 1982.  I was also an avid collector of the figures from the 2002 relaunch, and I’ve got a near complete set of the current Classics line.  However I wouldn’t say that I have encyclopedic knowledge of the property.  I’m much more knowledgeable about the minutia of the G.I. Joe or Marvel Universes.  So while I appreciate that Mattel is reaching into the long forgotten corners of the MOTU mythology to reintroduce obscure characters into their Classics line, I’m not the type of fan who immediately recognizes them.  Sometimes characters from the old animated series, like Batros or Granamyr, ring a bell or have an air of familiarity but more or less I’m taking Mattel at their word that these characters are part of the mythos.MOTUC-Procrustus flex

Procrustus was the third giant figure to be included in the Classics line.  He was initially released in December 2012.  Apparently he appeared in a single issue of the old mini comics that used to come packaged with the vintage figures.  I didn’t recognize him.  I don’t think I ever owned that issue and if I did I had completely forgot about it.  The figure is basically a 12-inch, mostly naked bearded guy made out of rock painted one solid color.  He seemed rather boring to me.  I would like to own all of the MOTU Classics figures but with a $50 price tag Procrustus just wasn’t worth it to me so I passed on him.MOTUC-Procrustus comic

Once the figure was no longer available I made the mistake of reading up on him.  Not that there’s a whole lot out there to read but I discovered that Procrustus lives in the center of Eternia (He-Man’s planet) and that he uses the strength of his 4 arms to hold the planet together.  I thought that sounded really cool and instantly I wanted a Procrustus figure.  I bided my time hoping that eventually I’d find one at a good price.  It took a year but my patience paid off.  During this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales both BigBadToyStore and MattyCollector had the figure marked down to under $30 so I scooped him up.  When the box arrived I chucked it under my Christmas tree and did not even glance at it until Christmas morning.

Once I had freed Procrustus from his twist tie prison I was immediately impressed.  I don’t own either of the previously released giant figures (Megator or Tytus) so Procrustus is my first Classics figure in the 12″ scale. This is a good, solid, well-made toy.  My nephews loved him as much, if not more, than I did and spent the morning having him battle their new Ninja Turtle figures.  Procrustus took a lot more abuse from the boys and their turtles than he ever would have from me but he came out of his scuffle without a scratch.  I would not have been so comfortable with the kids running off with one of my new G.I. Joes or Transformers but the Master of the Universe Classics figures can endure some serious playtime.MOTUC-Procrustus back

The detail of this sculpt is really impressive.  His stone skin is much more believable than that of Stondar and Rokkon.  It’s full of cracks and crags and just looks great.  At first glance he may seem like a solid tan color but there are plenty of subtle paint applications that bring this figure to life.  His belt and wristbands are a darker shade, he has stark white eyes, and his entire body has a darker wash over the light tan which brings out all the fine details.  I’m quite glad that he doesn’t have any bright colors on him.  He truly looks like a giant stone creature you would see in a classic mythologic tale.  I can easily imagine him taking on Perseus from Clash of the Titans or battling Hercules. MOTUC-Procrustus with hercules


I love the head sculpt.  He looks pissed, which I imagine he would be after spending an eternity holding a planet together with his bare hands.  Images from the comic make him appear as though he had real human hair.  The Four Horsemen (MOTUC sculptors) opted to give him long stone hair which I think  was a great choice.  His beard is simply epic.  This guy belongs on a metal album cover.  All 4 arms have 4 points of articulation and can be posed several different ways.  Otherwise he has joints at the hips, waist, and neck.  His only accessory was a big yellow orb which represents the star seed he is sworn to protect.MOTUC-Procrustus orb








Had I got this figure back in 2012 when he first came out it definitely would have made my “top 12” year end list.  Super cool. 10 out of 10.MOTUC-Procrustus group


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  1. Neat and awesome figure. I didn’t have the mini comic he appeared in either. Now I want to hunt them all down and read them. He puts me in mind of something Ray Harryhausen would have come up with for one of his Sinbad flicks. And it’s a 12″ figure which is my favorite scale. So far my favorite of 2014.

  2. This is absolutely Harryhausan-ish and good on them for taking influence from his work. But is there is there also something Marvel-y about this too or is it just me? lol

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