CaveI’ve got some sad news to report; I’m packing up the mancave.  Vanessa and I have decided not to stay in our current apartment and we’ve begun looking for new accommodations.  We’re hoping to give our notice by the start of February meaning I’ll be in a new apartment come March.  In anticipation of the move I’ve already begun the arduous task of dusting off all of my figures, bagging them up individually with their respective weapons, and boxing them up.  I know it may seem premature but I hate leaving things to the last minute and I want to ensure my figures are packed with care.  My 2 G.I. Joe bookshelves have already been stripped bare.  The packing up of my toys may mean fewer reviews for the next while.  I do however have a decent backlog of photos already taken and I still have new toys coming in so hopefully that will be enough to keep me going during the transition period.

Farewell South Street mancave, you have served me well.


About mike's collection

I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. What does the future hold? Not a Mancaveless home I hope!

  2. Mancave 2 will be bigger and better. More space for more toys.

  3. It’s amazing the space you can save in the same size space if you just start from scratch. I’ve done that before when rearranging my stuff. Empty the room and start over like just moving in. Lotta work though.

  4. I read “mancave no more” and held my breath in fear that your blog was stopping because your hobby was about to get left in the past so the toys would get deepsixed. PHEW! Really glad your site will continue to be updated and not being put on ice till after the move. 🙂

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