SAGA CROC (ALDYLE) clear variant


I know I’ve mentioned it a few times before but I now I truly believe that the Beast Saga toy line is dead.  Starting in the Fall of 2012, the figures were solicited in droves; one wave after the next.  That initial explosion of product lasted into the spring. But for the past year there’s been basically no news on the future of the line at all.  The final figure that I pre-ordered, the Kangaroo, kept having it’s release date pushed back until the pre-order was eventually cancelled by the e-tailer.  So that’s that.  I’m left with a decent collection of nearly 50 figures but I guess that’s where it ends.  Therefore I’ll have to review them a little more sparingly so I don’t run out of them too soon.

Every figure in the line was available as a standard figure, like this, but also as a clear variant, like this.  The clear figures were available only in blind packs so you never knew what figure you were gonna get.  These toys aren’t overly expensive but considering that they’re only available online you need to factor in the shipping which makes each figure’s cost around 10 to 12 bucks; and that’s a lot for figures as small as this.  For that reason I didn’t go nuts ordering a bunch of blind packs.  I didn’t want to pay hefty online prices only to end up with a bunch of doubles.  Doubles that nobody in my area would even want to take off my hands. So with each new wave I only ordered 2 blind packs and hoped to get 2 different figures.  It worked out well and I didn’t end up saddled with any clear figures doubles.BS-Croc clear card

However my craving for new Beast Saga figures went unanswered for months so I began ordering a couple additional blind packs every time I made an order with BigBadToyStore.  I did eventually start getting duplicates.  I now have clear doubles of the bird and the turtle, but at least those are two of my favorite figures from the line.

I was surprised a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon a Beast Saga listing on BBTS’s site that I hadn’t seen before.  It was a 3-pack of clear figures that weren’t blind packed.  The set featured 3 aquatic characters, the shark, the crocodile, and the killer whale.  What was even more interesting was that these clear versions were different than the clear variants of those characters that had been available previously in the blind packs.  While the clear variants don’t really do a whole lot for me discovering this pack felt like I had uncovered a lost trio of figures from this unappreciated and forgotten toy line.  I was very happy to place my order, especially since I didn’t already own any of these characters’ blind packed variants.

BS-Croc clear pairMy 3-pack arrived just before Christmas.  The shark is probably the best one from the pack.  He’s sculpted in a dark black translucent plastic which makes him look quite a bit different from the standard release shark figure who had white and gray skin.  I can totally see the black shark as a unique character. The killer whale is sculpted in a weird light purple plastic.  I don’t love it but, again, it makes him look quite a bit different than the standard killer whale.  This clear croc variant is probably my least favorite from the pack because it looks fairly similar to the standard figure since his skin is still green.  However the armor is now black now instead of blue and there are some gold highlights which keep the figure from being too plain looking.BS-Croc clear light

The sculpt is nice with a great crocodile head and fairly simple armor.  The chest plate is riveted and looks kind of like a tank and the shoulders have a toothy crocodile mouth design.  It’s a pretty cool toy but there’s not too much to get excited about here if you already have the standard figure.  Though the see-through effect is pretty neat when he’s placed in front of a light source.  As a big fan of this line I imagine I will eventually track down all of the clear variants.  7 out of 10.


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