I recently had a birthday as you probably already know if you read this blog regularly.  On my actual birthday I went out to my parent’s house for dinner.  My folks bought me a Star Wars themed poker set with a light up case which was pretty cool, my sisters Katie and Angie got me some booze and a bunch of candy, and my brother Doug bought me a Pop! Batman figure complete with Batmobile which I plan to review soon.

The next night I hosted a birthday party with all my friends.  I had a pretty good turn out and while I told people not to bring gifts I still scored big courtesy of my good pals who don’t follow instructions very well. I got plenty of booze and lots of  birthday cards poking fun of my age but as far as “blogable” things go Andrew Vaughan is the only one who “brought it” that night.  Andrew got me not one, but two, Spider-Man dolls.  It was a nice surprise as they’re really cool figures and I’d never seen them before. Marv-FC Iron box


In the late 90s Toy Biz put out a line of 8” Marvel dolls under the banner “Famous Covers”.  They were designed as an homage to the Mego toys of the 70s with real cloth clothing.  The Famous Covers figures had very nice re-sealable packaging and were geared towards collectors.  I own 4 of them; Spider-Girl, Green Goblin, Magneto, and Daredevil.  The Daredevil was one of the very first toys I reviewed for this blog way back in December 2011 and I may have been a little harsh on him.  he deserved higher than the 4 I gave him.

However, I wouldn’t exactly say that the Famous Covers dolls look cool.  The supposed-to-be-tight-but-often-saggy real clothing paired with oversized rubber boots and mittens was not a flattering look. The expressions sculpted on their faces were sometimes a little over the top as well.  They lacked the detail one would expect to find on a premium line of super hero dolls geared towards collectors.  They almost looked silly.  But that’s exactly why I think they’re awesome.  Not everything needs to be photorealistic and gritty.  Famous Cover dolls were unapologetically bright and goofy and, most importantly, fun.  I would’ve loved to have a ton of them as a kid. Marv-FC Iron back

Sadly the Famous Covers line has been dead for many years now.  I believe Toy Biz produced nearly 40 figures in total.  It might actually be a fun line to go back and try to complete one day.  However, when I opened my gift from Andrew I discovered that the Famous Covers line wasn’t as dead as I thought it was.  Apparently it had gone through a bit of a makeover a few years back.  This Iron Spider-Man figure was produced by Hasbro under the banner “Spider-Man Origins”. The copyright on the box reads 2006 which is quite a few years after the last Famous Covers figures were produced by Toy Biz.  I’m not sure how many figures Hasbro produced in this scale but the back of the package shows that at least 8 Origins figures were released.Marv-FC Iron side

If you’re wondering “what the hell is an Iron Spider-Man?” allow me to quickly explain.  During the Civil War story line of 2006-2007 the Marvel heroes were divided on their stance regarding the government mandated registration of super heroes.  Captain America lead those who were opposed and Iron Man led those who were pro registration. To help rally heroes to his cause Iron Man convinced Peter Parker to unmask himself in front of the world.  After that, Tony Stark gifted this highly advanced Iron Spider-Man suit to Peter.  The red and gold costume showed the solidarity between Spidey and Tony.  Peter eventually flip flopped and ditched the costume but fans seemed to like it and so it’s been made into action figure form several times.  I previously reviewed the 4″ Marvel Universe version.

I like the Iron Spider-Man look but I’m glad it was short lived.  This doll presents the look nicely.  The costume fits quite well and the figure itself has an appropriately Spider-Man like physique.

Marv-FC Iron websThe articulation is pretty standard for the Mego style construction which is to say that it’s good but not great; the cloth costumes hinders the movement some.  This figure has articulated fingers which is nice but they missed the boat by not giving him hands that can be posed for web shooting.  The head is simple but really well done with a metallic sheen to it.  Then of course there’s the 3 (yes 3) spider legs that attach to his back.  They snap into place and can be swiveled around but it would have been nice if there was at least one extra joint per leg.

Overall, I really like this figure.  It’s a throwback to  70’s Megos, 90’s Famous Covers and the 2006 Civil War story line; all of which were good things.  Much appreciated Andy, Thank you.  9 out of 10Marv-FC Iron choke


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  1. Nice. I love me some Mego so this gets a thumbs up just for that. Some day I have to read Civil War. I just despise “events” so much because of all the tie in issues necessary to get the whole story.

    • The stand alone series was good but the ties ins added a lot as well. I really liked that story and the fact that the ramifications were felt for years afterwards. Every Marvel event since has paled in comparison.

  2. what other characters made up the other seven in that figure series?

    Iron Spider=cooler idea the actual suit

  3. … and I got you oxygen just kidding happy belated birthday

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