Back in November one of my all-time favorite movies, Tank Girl, was released on Blu-ray.  Unfortunately none of the retailers in my area bothered to stock the bluray on its release date so I had to turn to ebay. I found a guy who had the movie for a decent price but I always feel gouged on the shipping charges.  In order to justify the shipping costs I bought 2 other blurays from him, Godzilla vs Biollante and a Bush concert. And then I waited.  Weeks turned into months and no movies arrived.  I contacted the seller in early January and without hesitation he refunded my money  ( though the movies finally showed up in the mail last week and now I feel guilty). 

Anyway, the refund sat in my paypal account rather than being returned to my bank account.  Paypal sent me reminders every other day to spend the credit.  At that point it felt like free money so I went back to ebay to find something to spend it on.  I suppose I could’ve just sought out another retailer selling those DVDs but I was in the mood for some new figures.  I wasn’t hunting for anything specific at that particular moment so I turned to my old “to buy” lists that I keep for multiple toy lines.  My DC toy list hadn’t been touched in a while so I figured it was time to whittle it down by a figure or two. DC-Superwoman art2

I always try to find a seller with at least 2 items I want so that the shipping doesn’t seem so bad when split between them.  After a lot of searching I found a guy that had 2 of the figures on my DC want list: Braniac 13 and Superwoman. 

The Brainiac is awesome but I’ll talk about him another time, today I’ll be reviewing Superwoman.  Now you might be wondering, “Who the hell is Superwoman?”  Sadly, even though this figure was on my “want list”, I can’t really tell you.  I know very little about her, but truthfully I don’t think there’s much to be known.  This figure is from the Vengeance toy line produced by DC Direct.  It’s based on a 20o5 storyline from the Batman/Superman comic that was written by Jeff Loeb and illustrated by Ed McGuinness.DC-Superwoman face 

When it comes to Jeff Loeb, I can take him or leave him, but when it comes to Ed McGuinness I would buy just about anything with his name on it.  I love his art and have told you so in past reviews of toys based on his artwork such as Red Hulk and Superman.  Both of those figures did an excellent job of representing Ed’s unique style in 3D.  This Superwoman figure doesn’t do as good a job but it’s still pretty decent.DC-Superwoman back 

The Vengeance storyline featured multiple variations of Batman and Superman from alternate realities.  This Superwoman and her corresponding Batwoman herald from Earth 11 where they are literally Batman and Superman as women. There was no elaborate backstory provided for these characters but Superwoman’s real name is  Laurel Kent.  Even though they were just a flash in the pan ( I think they appeared once more) and far from original, the Superwoman and Batwoman from Vengeance struck a chord with me. I generally prefer brunettes to blondes so I found this Superwoman, with her cropped black hair and tights, a nice change from the short skirted blondes who usually don the red and blue. 

I thought this character looked great when McGuiness drew her but his “just right” amount of cartoonyness didn’t translate quite right into this action figure.  It’s a little too cartoony looking for my tastes.  The big anime eyes are in such stark contrast to the squinty, barely there eyes of the male characters in the McGuinness series.DC-Superwoman fists 

The proportions might seem a little off but it’s indicative of the artwork that inspired it so I don’t mind the oversized thighs and skinny waist.  The paint job is nice but I wish her outfit was painted in the same metallic blue that was used on the Superman figure as it would tie them together nicely. Articulation is lacking but that’s too be expected on a DC Direct figure.  Like all the figures in this line she came packaged with a Superman/Batman hybrid logo display stand which is pretty cool.  7 out of 10.DC-Superwoman art

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  1. The face on this figure puts me a little in mind of your Spider-Girl. I love Ed McGuinness’ art as well. I wish he would come back and do a few Hulk issues.

    I read the story with Superwoman and Batwoman last year. I found the overall story kinda wacky and didn’t make sense at the end, but liked the issue where these characters appeared.

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